New Britain’s Democratic Town Committee meetings are held on the third Thursdays of the month at 7:00PM at New Britain City Hall (27 W. Main St), room 504. All registered Democrats from New Britain are invited to attend but only Democratic Town Committee members may vote.

The tentative meeting schedule for 2018 is:

  • January 18 – Regular Meeting
  • February 15 – Regular Meeting
  • March 8 – Democratic Town Committee Officer Elections (7:00PM at the Pulaski Club, 89 Grove Street)
  • March 15 – Meet the Candidates Forum (5:30-8:30PM at the Pulaski Club, 89 Grove Street)
  • March 29 – Democratic Town Committee Delegate Elections
  • April 19 – Regular Meeting
  • May 17 – Regular Meeting (rescheduled: May 24)
  • June 21 – Regular Meeting
  • July 19 – Regular Meeting
  • August 16 – Regular Meeting
  • September 20 – Regular Meeting
  • October 18 – Regular Meeting
  • November 15 – Regular Meeting
  • December 20 – Regular Meeting

Any changes to this schedule will be announced.

Link to:

Secretary Of The State Official Calendar (All Dates)



January 17-31: Petition period for Democratic Town Committee by voting district

January 31 4 p.m. deadline for Town Committee petitions to be filed

March 6: Town Committees Primary date

March 7: Town Committees begin term

March 13:  Deadline for DTC to elect officers (Organizational meeting)


Prior to March 9: State Party Chairman appoints Pre-Convention Rules and Pre-Convention Platform Committees

March 27– April 3: Town Committees select delegates for all conventions

April 4: Delegate certification forms due to Town Clerk

April 13 – April 23: Democratic State Central Committee elections and Permanent Convention Committee elections

State Convention: May 18 – May 19

U.S House of Representatives Conventions: May 14

Multi-Town State House Conventions: May 16 (22nd and 24th State Assembly)

State Senate Conventions: May 21 (6th Senatorial District)

Judge of Probate (multi-town): May 28

Local (Single-Town) Election Endorsements: May 22 – May 29 (includes 25th and 26th State Assembly Districts in New Britain)

August 14: Primary Election Day

November 6: General Election Day  for Governor/Lt Governor, state Treasurer, Comptroller, Attorney General, Secretary of the State, U.S. Senator, U.S. Congress, State Senator, State Representative and Judge of Probate.

For more information: 860-505-8901   Email