Statement From The Democratic Town Committee

A Statement from the New Britain Democratic Town Committee

March 6, 2019

The Democratic Town Committee is concerned about several FB posts that have appeared recently.  As the Executive Board we have all been involved in running the DTC based on its Rules, open to the public and with transparency.

We welcome all Democrats to attend our meetings. We welcome and support all races, all genders, people with disabilities, all religions.

Recent comments have been made on Facebook that are unwarranted regarding the running of the DTC. Specifically our chair, Bill Shortell, has been attacked as someone who discriminates against people with disabilities.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Our last municipal slate was 50% people of color and 50% women. It included people with disabilities.  We fight against discrimination; it is one of our core values.

The  Facebook posts are malicious, hurtful and untrue.  They do not reflect the Democratic Town Committee and its leadership.    We denounce these unjustified attacks on New Britain Democrats.

If you are interested in learning more come to our next meeting.

Find us on Facebook — @NewBritainDemocrat  or Twitter @NBDemocrat

Ronald Davis, Vice Chair

Ann Speyer, Recording Secretary

Victor Ivan Constanza, Corresponding Secretary

Chris Govola, Treasurer

Nate Simpson, Deputy Treasurer

Willie Justiniano, Trustee

Rosemary Klotz, Trustee

Merrill Gay, Trustee

John McNamara, Former Town Chair and State Central Committeeman,  6th District


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