New Britain Delegates Unanimously Support Manny Sanchez for Congress

New Britain, CT — Going into the convention on Monday, May 14, New Britain delegates for the 5th Congressional District will unanimously support Manny Sanchez for Congress. New Britain has a total of 37 delegates, the second largest block of delegates in the district.

Bill Shortell, New Britain’s Democratic Town Committee Chairman, emphasized the democratic process of New Britain’s committee and his high esteem for his hometown candidate. “We New Britain Democrats are proud of the depth of the democratic process in our party here. Our delegates are freely elected. Our nominating committee interviewed the viable candidates and recommended Manny Sanchez. We had our delegate caucus last night. Every delegate is for Manny on the first ballot. I am excited to work my hardest to make this exceptional young man our next member of Congress.”

Manny Sanchez expressed is gratitude to the New Britain delegates. “I am humbled and overwhelmed by the unanimous support from New Britain’s delegates,” Manny said. “I’m glad that the work that I’ve done in my city, as a volunteer and in an elected capacity over the last eight years, have spoken to my credibility as a Congressional candidate. I want thank New Britain for what it has given me and the opportunity to serve for all these years and the years to come.”

For more information, contact Bill Shortell at or 860-833-6123.

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