Introducing The Democratic Slate: Lanette Spranzo Macaruso Seeks Two-Year Term For Tax Collector

Lanette Spranzo Macaruso, the Democratic nominee for Tax Collector, said her priority will be efficiency, accuracy and bringing more transparency to the city’s tax collection system in her first run for elective office on the slate led by Mayoral candidate Merrill Gay.

A lifelong New Britain Democrat, Spranzo Macaruso is a tax preparer and has extensive experience in the marketing and communication field and as a college writing instructor. She holds a master’s degree in educational media from Central CT State University.

As Tax Collector Spranzo Macaruso said her goal in city government will be “wise management of the city’s resources. We need to promote innovation and sustainability that inspire residents to work together for a safe, financially secure, educationally progressive and culturally enjoyable community.”

Spranzo Macaruso is an active volunteer in the city at the New Britain Industrial Museum.  She participates in Protect Our Watersheds CT, a new environmental group, that advocates for preservation of the city’s watershed and natural resources.

(One of a series of posts introducing the members of the Democratic slate running with Mayoral Nominee Merrill Gay)

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1 Response to Introducing The Democratic Slate: Lanette Spranzo Macaruso Seeks Two-Year Term For Tax Collector

  1. Daniel Price says:

    This is great. We should ask the courant and herald, along with the other local papers to run a summary for all candidates. Perhaps, indeed visual letters to the editor, ” why I am running for Council, etc could be placed by the candidates. Has the Courant solicited dems in NB to put their bios and reasons for running on their community pages. Most recently, Bloomfield was featured.

    Dan Price

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