Charlottesville: Merrill Gay, New Britain Democrats Repudiate Racist Violence, Anti-Semitism

Democratic Mayoral Nominee Merrill Gay issued a statement on August 17th  in response to the violence perpetrated by fascists and white nationalists  in Charlottesville, Virginia.
The statement, released by Gay on behalf of the Democratic municipal slate and the Democratic Town Committee, calls upon New Britain Republicans to “repudiate” the stand taken by President Trump who blames “both sides” without a clear condemnation of  the anti-semitic, racist mobs who descended on Charlottesville.
“Last weekend’s horrific events in Charlottesville, VA were a wake-up call for our country.  We can longer ignore the fact that racism has a longstanding, deep-rooted history in our nation.  In his campaign, President Trump appealed to that racism and empowered white supremacists. What happened in Charlottesville, VA was the predictable result of that encouragement from the top of the Republican party.  The violence and racial hatred we saw in Charlottesville can happen anywhere in America.
As the Democratic slate, we will not stand idly by. We will stand up for what is right and just. Our Republican opponents, some of whom have been quite vocal in their support of the president, must do so as well. When the leader of their party refers to “Fine people” among the white supremacists marching with torches, it is time for local Republicans to repudiate their president.
We must not delude ourselves that this only a problem in the South.  Racism exists here in New Britain, from the institutional racism that leaves our children in underfunded, segregated schools, to the unconscious bias in appointing members of boards and commissions to overt incidents at the Water and Fire Departments.  The people of New Britain deserve leaders who represent them and will stand up for justice.  The New Britain Democrats wholeheartedly condemn the violent display of hate, bigotry and racism that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Together, we will stand up against racism in our country but most importantly right here in New Britain.”

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