Diverse Democratic Slate Endorsed With Merrill Gay As Candidate For Mayor

The Democratic Town Committee met at New Britain City Hall July 20th and endorsed a municipal slate led by the Board of Education’s Merrill Gay.

Gay, endorsed this week by the United Auto Workers and the Working Families Party, accepted Democrats’ unanimous support for Mayor after an evening of balloting for Common Council, the Board of Education and other city offices.


Members of the Democratic slates at Democratic Town Committee endorsement meeting.At center is Mayoral Candidate Merrill Gay (Photo by F. Gerratana)

“I am humbled and honored to receive the Democratic nomination for mayor of New Britain,” said Gay. “The people of New Britain deserve to know what both mine and my opponent’s vision for New Britain are and whether or not we are here for the long haul. That is why I am challenging my opponent to four debates. This campaign promises to be an exciting one and I am confident that the team we have assembled will work as a unit to build a better New Britain.” Gay, saying the city needs a full-time mayor not pursuing political interests outside the city, said that he and other Democrats running in the municipal election are seeking local office in response to President Trump’s divisive and destructive leadership and the Republican Party’s complicity in the Trump agenda.

Democrats endorsed a common council slate of two incumbents and 13 new candidates.

The five aldermen at large candidates include Emmanuel Sanchez, the current Ward 3 representative; former Alderwoman Eva Magnuszewski, Katie Breslin, Yvonne Muniz and Richard Reyes.


Democrats’ Alderman At Large slate: from left Yvonne Muniz, Richard Reyes, Katie Breslin and Eva Magnuszewski (F Gerratana photo)

Ward 1 candidates are Veronica DeLandro and Molly McGuire; Ward 2 Lamar Bowsky and Brian Keith Albert; Ward 3 Iris Sanchez and Aram Ayalon; Ward 4 Robert Berriault and Michael Gendron and Ward 5 incumbent Carlo Carlozzi, Jr. and Francisco Santiago.

Getting the nod for Board of Education are incumbent Daisy Sanchez, Annie Parker and Violette Sims.


Board of Education Democrats from left Daisy Sanchez, Annie Parker and Violette Sims. (F Gerratana photo)

The Town and City Clerk endorsement went to incumbent Mark Bernacki. Lanette Spranzo Macaruso is the Democratic candidate for Tax Collector and Ron Jakubowski, longtime New Britain educator, received support for Treasurer.

For Board of Assessment Appeal Wyatt Bosworth and Georgette Cicero were endorsed. Constable candidates are Willie Justiniano, Tom Shields, Peter Spano and Patrice Smith.


Merrill Gay confers with DTC members Suzanne Bielinski, Rep. Rick Lopes and Peter Kochol before the endorsement. (F. Gerratana photo)


Veronica DeLandro (left) and Molly McGuire (foreground) are endorsed for Ward One Council. (F Gerratana photo)


Lamar Bowsky Ward 2


Keith Albert Ward 2


Newcomer Inis Sanchez for Ward 3


Bobby Berriault is candidate for Ward 4 Council (F Gerratana photo)


The Ward 5 Council slate: Incumbent Carlo Carlozzi, Jr. and Francisco Santiago (F. Gerratana photo)


DTC Officers at Democratic Endorsement Meeting  (F. Gerrratana photo)

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Labor donated. Any costs associated with this message paid for by New Britain Democratic Town Committee, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain CT 06050   Approved by Bill Shortell, Chairman; Shirley Black, Vice Chair; Ann Speyer, Recording Secretary; Alicia Strong, Corresponding Secretary; John Valengavich, Treasurer; Chris Govola, Assistant Treasurer.


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  1. Peter Roach says:

    Good Luck to Veronica !!!!
    The Roach’s

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