Stop Trumpcare Rally Monday 7/10; Meet & Greet Reception Tuesday, 7/11; NB Dems Get Ready To Endorse Municipal Candidates 7/20

Summer of Resistance

Stop Trumpcare Rally Monday, July 10th, at 6 p.m. at CT Access and Central Park

A rally to oppose Republican legislation repealing  the Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare) will be held Monday, July 10th, at 6 p.m. at the CT Access Health office, 200 Main Street, adjacent to Central Park.


Rallying against Trumpcare and Republican legislation to repeal Obamacare — which began with massive state and national demonstrations in January — will continue as the U.S. Senate returns from its July recess.  (F. Gerratana photo)

The “Stop Trumpcare, Save Our Healthcare” protest is taking place the same day the U.S. Senate gets back from its July 4th recess to take up the legislation that the Congressional Budget Office estimated would cost 22 million Americans their health coverage and raise premiums for older Americans.

Members of the New Britain Democratic Party  are supporting the rally joined by   Our Revolution – Central CT ChapterConnecticut Young DemocratsAction Together ConnecticutCCSU College Democrats and  CT Young Democrats .  Confirmed speakers include State Rep. Peter Tercyak, State Senator Terry Gerratana, and Candidate for Mayor of New Britain Merrill Gay.

The House and Senate Republican health care bills represent a massive cost shift to states and could cost Connecticut up to $2.9 billion per year,” according to Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT). “This massive erosion in federal support for Medicaid would force states like Connecticut to choose between cutting Medicaid, raising taxes on middle class families, or cutting other important state spending programs, like school funding – all to pay for a tax cut for the very wealthy.”

Organizers of the rally say the impact of ACA repeal in CT would cut as many as 200,000 individuals from Medicaid. It would repeal the employee mandate and cost-sharing provisions resulting in 30 to 35% percent increases in premiums.  Older persons will pay dramatically higher premiums, as much as 70% more than they currently pay, according to the nonpartisan analysis. The bill in its present form would double the number of uninsured in CT.

2017 Municipal Campaign

Municipal Election Meet & Greet Tuesday, July 11th at Paradise Restaurant 

The Democratic Town Committee will hold a Meet & Greet reception for Democratic candidates seeking municipal offices and share its 2017 party platform on Tuesday, July 11th from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. one week ahead of a DTC endorsement meeting.imgres

The event will be held at the Paradise Restaurant, 10 East Street.  The suggested donation levels are: $10 Friend; $25 Patron $50 Sponsor.  For information call 860-416-0665.

Municipal Endorsement Meeting Is Thursday, July 20th At City Hall

New Britain Democrats will endorse candidates for all city offices at its July meeting.  The endorsement meeting will be held at New Britain City Hall, July 20th, at 7 p.m. in Room 504.

The 48-member DTC, representing the city’s 15 voting districts, will endorse a 27-candidate Democratic On the ballot this year are candidates for Mayor, Town and City Clerk, Treasurer, Tax Collector, Common Council (15) Board of Education (3), Board of Assessment Appeal and Constable.

Looking Ahead:  Democratic Party Summer Picnic Saturday August 6th

Join the Democratic Town Committee for its summer picnic in support of the municipal slate at the Quartette Club, Quartette Club Avenue.  Rain or shine. Meet our candidates for city offices.

Festivities include music, horse shoes, outdoor games and awards program recognizing Democrats for service to party and the community. Suggested donation is $25. Children 10 and under free. Advertising opportunities available. Contact for more information and to volunteer.


“The difference between Democrats and Republicans has always been measured in courage and confidence. The Republicans believe that the wagon train will not make it to the frontier unless some of the old, some of the young, some of the weak are left behind by the side of the trail…We Democrats believe that we can make it all the way with the whole family intact….” former NY Governor Mario Cuomo, 1984.

Think globally. Act locally. Support New Britain Democrats

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Labor donated. Any costs associated with this message paid for by New Britain Democratic Town Committee, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain CT 06050   Approved by Bill Shortell, Chairman; Shirley Black, Vice Chair; Ann Speyer, Recording Secretary; Alicia Strong, Corresponding Secretary; John Valengavich, Treasurer; Chris Govola, Assistant Treasurer. editor, John McNamara.


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