NB Democrats Adopt State Budget Resolution: Tax Fairness Supported, Harmful Cuts Opposed

NEW BRITAIN – The Democratic Town Committee (DTC) unanimously adopted a resolution at its May 18th meeting for a “fair and just budget for all of Connecticut” as the Governor and Legislature deal with deficits and deliberate on state spending and taxes for the biennium that begins on July 1st.state capitol dome

The DTC resolution “rejects a Trump-style (austerity) state budget in Connecticut — a budget that guts essential services, scapegoats public sector workers, and places a greater burden on our towns and cities, while continuing to let wealthy individuals and the largest corporations avoid paying their fair share.”

New Britain Democrats urge “our state legislative delegation to pass a state budget the invests in Connecticut’s future — a budget that supports all working families, provides high quality human services for children, families and communities, and places a fair share of taxes on those who are able to pay.”

Democratic Town Chair Bill Shortell said New Britain Democrats adopted the resolution because the 48-member committee “favors a solution to the state budget crisis that gets the necessary funds from companies and people who can afford it without hurting workers and cities.”

Other groups in the statewide Democracy, Unity & Equity (DUE) coalition of labor, advocacy and religious organizations are also calling for alternatives.  Opposed are both Democratic and Republican leadership plans under consideration now that call for draconian cuts to education, social services and local aid.

“Connecticut faces a structural deficit that requires a structural response. Working together we can reach a balanced budget that invests strategically and builds opportunity over the long-term,” states a Connecticut Voices for Children May policy brief “Three Austerity Budgets.”

“The Governor’s budget proposal offered a cuts-focused austerity budget that raises revenue by asking for more from those with less,” according to the policy brief. “Compared with the current fiscal year’s (FY 2017) appropriated spending, the Governor’s budget cuts $1.36 billion from government services, assumes $1.56 billion in public sector concessions, and raises $600 million in new revenue, largely by raising taxes on low to middle-income families.”

“A structural deficit requires that the Governor and Legislature look at both the way the state spends and the way it raises taxes,” said John McNamara, 6th District Democratic State Central Committeeman and a member of the DTC.

Pointing to the Voices For Children analysis, McNamara said “leaving current tax inequities and loopholes off the table is not in the best interests of taxpayers nor vulnerable citizens in need of state services.”

Contacting state elected officials:

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