Campaign 2017: Democrats’ Nominations Committee To Interview Mayoral Candidates

The Democratic Town Committee’s (DTC) nominations committee will interview candidates for mayor this week as part of  endorsements for all municipal offices to be made in July by the 48-member DTC.

The nominations committee will be holding meetings with Democrats interested in joining the party’s slate for the November election in the run up to July endorsements. Candidates will be recommended  for Mayor, Town Clerk, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Common Council, Board of Education, Board of Assessment Appeal and Constable.

Individuals interested in being considered for city offices may contact DTC Member and Nominations Chair Rosemary Klotz at  Candidates may submit their information to the nominations committee by linking to Candidate Information Form.


  • We believe all New Britain children have the right to a public education so they can reach their full potential. We need a Democratic mayor who will work well with our representatives in Hartford to fully fund our schools. This is the key to building a strong community.
  • We celebrate our diversity, which makes us strong and welcoming of everyone, young and old. We are a City for All People.
  • We are for transparent, responsible management of City finances. The current tax and spend policies must end. Pushing the burden to future generations is wrong.
  • Our precious City assets are under attack, particularly our water resources. We are determined to protect them and defend the environment.
  • We stand for economic development, committed to good jobs for people living in New Britain.
  • We are in favor of looking outward to improve relations with neighboring and similar communities, as well as other levels of government, so we can properly share services, ideas, resources, challenges and opportunities.

NOTICE – If you do not wish to receive updates from New Britain Democrats write “cancel” in the subject box and reply to


Labor donated. Any costs associated with this message paid for by New Britain Democratic Town Committee, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain CT 06050 Approved by Bill Shortell, Chairman; Shirley Black, Vice Chair; Ann Speyer, Recording Secretary; Alicia Strong, Corresponding Secretary; John Valengavich, Treasurer; Chris Govola, Assistant Treasurer.



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1 Response to Campaign 2017: Democrats’ Nominations Committee To Interview Mayoral Candidates

  1. Yvette Ghannam says:

    I am hoping that anyone that would like to be running in the Democratic Ticket would have the opportunity to present their platform and why they would like to run this year. I would like to see in this important process equal treatment for all the candidates specially that there will be not differences between women and men, poor or rich, educated or les educated. It would ideal that the candidates would understand that no one is going to do their job of talking to the community without their hard work. I will applause all those interested in wanted to make city a better place to live , to raise a family , to educate and work in any business in our city. Be brave and fight for nobles causes to make humanity a better place to live, specially to live in New Britain, CT!

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