Convention Watch Party Thursday 7/28…..Convention Journal Day 1….August 9th Primary: Vote Row A

You’re Invited: NB Convention Watch Party, Philly Cheesesteak Sliders At Roma Thursday, 7/28

The Democratic Town Committee (DTC) will host a Democratic National Convention Watch Party on July 28th from 7:30 to 11 p,m. at the Roma Sports Bar & Grill dining room, 382 Allen Street. The suggested donation for the watch party is $25 ( Proceeds benefit NB Democrats’ voter registration and get out the vote campaign.

The DTC event will be an opportunity to meet our candidates, volunteer to help get out the vote, enjoy Roma appetizers and beverages as Democrats’ are expected to make history 96 years after the 19th amendment to the Constitution gave women the right to vote.

Former Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton is expected to accept the nomination on the last night of the convention.

RSVP/Info  860-416-0665

Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (R Berriault photo)

Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (R Berriault photo)

Convention Journal Day 1: From New Britain DTC member Bobby Berriault, a Bernie Sanders delegate at the DNC in Philadelphia:

PHILADELPHIA, July, 25; One thing that I’ve realized pretty quickly is being a delegate to a national convention is a  test of endurance and patience. The temperature neared 100 degrees yesterday. Everyone was hot, sweaty, and grumpy throughout the day. It was near impossible to move around the city due to all the road closures and heavy traffic all around the city. It took me two and a half hours to go from the Convention Center in the center of the city to the Wells Fargo Center – a trip that normally would take 20 minutes. I only ate once on the first night of the convention, and I waited in line for 45 minutes just for a soda and French fries.

Bobby Berriault (F. Gerratna)

Bobby Berriault (F. Gerratana photo)

Despite the protests and the outbursts and the heat and long lines, I had a lot of fun. In the morning I attended two workshops – one on Healthcare equality and another on the negative effects of the Pacific Trade Pact.

Bernie Sanders spoke to the delegates in the early afternoon, and he gave a speech reaffirming his support for Hillary Clinton and calling on his supporters and for the party to unite against Donald Trump. And after his speech at the convention center, I took the shuttle to the Wells Fargo Center for the main event.

Security is understandably tight and arriving at the Wells Fargo Center was like arriving at a military fort. There were so many security parameters and checkpoints we had to go through. We were checked a half-dozen times. I can personally attest to the fact that the Wells Fargo Center during this week is the most secure building on the face of the earth. Surprisingly, the security lines were nearly non-existent. The Secret Service and Homeland Security Law Enforcement personnel did an outstanding job getting everyone with credentials through as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

The day’s proceedings got underway about 20 minutes late, which is pretty impressive considering the size and scale of this event. One thing I observed early on was some Bernie Sanders supporters who were intent on disrupting the proceedings and making a scene. I am personally disappointed at that. People should not be protesting and yelling and shouting during the invocation or when people are speaking. I thought it was very rude and tasteless. However, an email was sent to all the Bernie Sanders delegates about a half hour into the convention proceedings reading in part “I would ask you as a personal courtesy to me to not engage in any kind of protest or demonstration on the convention floor.” That was enough to calm things down so that we can get through the convention proceedings.

We heard from amazing speakers like Elizabeth Warren, Michelle Obama, and Bernie Sanders. It was truly an amazing experience. I got back to my hotel around 12:30am and ended up going to bed around 1am.  I only five hours of sleep but I am ready and excited for day two of the convention!

Democratic Primary Tuesday August 9th: Vote Row A

The Democratic Primary for State Senate and Registrar of Voters is Tuesday, August 9th. Polls are open from 6 a,m. to 8 p.m.

 Primary Endorsed

JOIN US. Five Ways To Help the New Britain #NeverTrump campaign

  1. Register New Voters
  2. Canvass your neighborhood for our candidates and on municipal issues
  3. Join the Get Out The Vote Phone Bank at headquarters
  4. Make a financial contribution
  5.  Share your story on why you are a Democrat

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