DTC Opposes Ordinance Targeting Homeless…Chairman’s Report….Berlin Dems’ Dinner Honors DeFronzo…”Fraudster In Chief”


The DTC unanimously passed a resolution, introduced by Alton Brooks, that opposes a city ordinance that imposes a $99 fine for “aggressive panhandling.” The ordinance drew strong opposition in public testimony from residents and  advocates stating the measure “criminalizes” homelessness and was unnecessary.human-rights-every-human-has-rights

A related commentary on the resolution said the city could lose out on federal funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for  continuum of care grants because of the resolution.

Chairman’s Report:

Save the Date: Our next meeting will be June 16, Room 504, City Hall     7 PM Sharp


The May endorsements are behind us and we can be very proud of the candidates endorsed for the Legislature and Registrar of Voters.

At the May 19th DTC meeting State Reps. Bobby Sanchez (25th District) and Peter Tercyak (26th District) were endorsed for re-election.

DTC members from the 26th District with State Rep. Peter Tercyak at the May 19th endorsement meeting

DTC members from the 26th District with State Rep. Peter Tercyak at the May 19th endorsement meeting

State Senator Terry Gerratana (6th), State Rep Betty Boukus (22nd) and State Rep Rick Lopes (24th) were endorsed in separate conventions because their Districts include other towns.The endorsement Registrar of Voters went to former  Alderman Mike Trueworthy.

All of our legislative candidates are participating in the Connecticut Citizens Election Program and donations are needed in support of their candidacies from $5 to $100.

The Citizens Election Program requires that state representative candidates obtain contributions from 150 residents in their towns and that state senate candidates get contributions from 300 residents.

Petitions have been filed by challengers for the State Senate seat and Registrar of Voters for an August 9 Primary.


DTC members in each General Assembly District caucused at the May meeting and selected District Leaders. DTC rules call for district leaders in each state House district to serve as  a liaison between the executive board, the community and the state representatives. For the 22nd District Katie Breslin was elected. Chosen in the 24th district was Mike Gorzoch. In the 25th House district Jahaira Jimenez and Isabelita Cancel will served. In the 26th District Alicia Strong and Bobby Berriault will be co-leaders. The District Leaders will be setting up meetings with the state representatives and other Democrats in each district.

Bill Shortell, Town Chair


Berlin Democrats will hold their Chairman’s Dinner on Thursday June 9th at Casa Mia at the Hawthorne, 2421 Berlin Turnpike in Berlin to recognize prominent Democrats with Town Committee awards.

Donald DeFronzo, a former State Senator and NB Mayor, will receive the Robert J. Dacey Outstanding Service Award. DeFronzo represented Berlin in the state senate from 2003 to 2010 before stepping down to become a state commissioner during the first term of Governor Dannel  Malloy. Berlin Voter Registrar and DTC Chair Fred Jortner will be recognized as “Democrat of the Year” and Victor Baccaro

End Quote

“‘Trump University,’ a place where his former employees call it just one big fraudulent scheme. Now, rather than investing in high-quality instructors and counselors, Donald Trump put together an army of sales people. It was like a used car dealership—except that’s not fair to used car dealerships. Trump salespeople focused on how much money someone could come up with, and they would push prospective students to max out their credit cards so they could fork over thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to Donald. Here’s a man who builds a business to profit off other peoples’ pain. He wants to be Commander in Chief, but he’s only qualified to be Fraudster-in-Chief.”

U.S Senator Elizabeth Warren speaking to the MA Democratic Party convention this weekend.

JOIN US. Five Ways To Help the New Britain #NeverTrump campaign

  1. Register New Voters
  2. Canvass your neighborhood for our candidates and on municipal issues
  3. Join the Get Out The Vote Phone Bank at headquarters
  4. Make a financial contribution
  5.  Share your story on why you are a Democrat

Connect with New Britain Democrats 

Twitter: www.twitter.com/nbdemocrat

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/newbritaindemocrat

NOTICE – If you do not wish to receive updates from New Britain Democrats write “cancel” in the subject box and reply to newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com.


Labor donated. Any costs associated with this message paid for by New Britain Democratic Town Committee, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain CT 06050   John Valengavich, Treasurer. Approved by Bill Shortell.

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