HQ Coffee Hour and Voter Canvass Saturday June 6….State Budget Numbers For NB…..Municipal Endorsements

Campaign 2015


Headquarters Coffee & Canvass Saturday June 6

New Britain Democratic headquarters will be open Saturday, June 6th, for a coffee hour and discussion beginning at 10:30 am.

The event will be followed by neighborhood canvassing for voter registration.  Democratic headquarters is located at 19 Bassett Street (rear entrance).  All Democrats are welcome to attend.

State Budget: New Britain By The Numbers  — $7.9 million more in aid next year

Key provisions of the newly adopted state two-year budget will bring substantial property tax relief to New Britain and other cities and towns.  Use of dedicated sales tax revenue will provide direct, new aid to cities and towns and an equalization of the property tax on vehicles will create tax savings especially for urban residents.  Instead of paying the current rate of 49 mills for vehicles in New Britain the assessment will drop to approximately 29 mills in a re-structuring of what is the state’s most regressive tax.

Overall the City of New Britain will receive $7,980,545 more from the state in the fiscal year beginning July 1st compared to the current fiscal year. That includes an additional$1, 669,813 in educational cost sharing (ECS) in the next year.

At issue now is whether the influx of new aid will prompt the Common Council to alter the Mayor’s proposed $224 million municipal budget that flat funds education, delays any payments for  pension  obligations  and borrowing and contains no additional tax relief for fixed income households.  The municipal budget needs to be finalized in the next 10 days.

The Municipal Candidate Recruitment and Nominations Process

It takes 27 individuals who reflect New Britain’s diversity and strengths to form a municipal slate for all city offices.  On the November ballot will be elections for Mayor, Tax Collector, City Treasurer, Ward and At Large Council, Board of Education, Board of Assessment Appeal.

The DTC invites prospective candidates for all offices to discuss issues, share ideas and submit a candidate information form that is online  https://newbritaindemocrat.org/municipal-candidate-information-2015/

Connect with New Britain Democrats on social media

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NOTICE – If you do not wish to receive updates from New Britain Democrats write “cancel” in the subject box and reply to newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com.


Labor donated. Any costs associated with this message paid for by New Britain Democratic Town Committee, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain CT 06050   John Valengavich, Treasurer. Approved by John McNamara

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