Campaign 2015: Candidate List Grows For Democratic Endorsements…Be For $15 On 4/15

Municipal Campaign 2015

Candidates Are Stepping Forward For Democratic Endorsements

The number of candidates seeking municipal office is growing as the Democratic Town Committee continues its recruiting and nominating efforts toward a July endorsement meeting.

To date the DTC has heard from 13 candidates  with more candidates expected to emerge in April for all city offices.  According to a report from the nominations committee at last Thursday’s DTC meeting, Common Council candidates include incumbents Shirley Black, Emmanuel Sanchez, Tonilynn Collins, Adam Platosz and Michael Trueworthy; new candidates for Common Council include Duane Hinkson and Michael Gorzoch. Newcomer Jonathan Perugini has also submitted candidate information to gain a spot on the Democratic slate for either a ward or at large councillor or constable.

The political parties endorse 15 Council candidates to two-year terms with five at large and 10 from council districts (wards).

For Board of Education incumbents Merrill Gay and Carlos Pina are seeking new terms in addition to new candidates Veronica Delandro, Annie Parker, Agnes Kurzyna and Violet Simms. The DTC will endorse three Board of Education candidates to a four-year term.

“Our goal is to offer voters a Democratic slate that reflects the city’s strengths and diversity,” said DTC Chair John McNamara. “We are continuing to  attract candidates — incumbents and newcomers — with the experience, talent and skills to move the city forward.”

The DTC’s nominations committee is gathering candidate information to share with the membership and discussing issues with prospective candidates to develop a platform that addresses municipal issues for the fall campaign.

The Candidate Recruitment and Nominations Process

It takes 27 individuals who reflect New Britain’s diversity and strengths to form a municipal slate for all city offices.  On the November ballot will be elections for Mayor, Tax Collector, City Treasurer, Ward and At Large Council, Board of Education, Board of Assessment Appeal.

The DTC invites prospective candidates for all offices to discuss issues, share ideas and submit a candidate information form that is online

 Day of Action:  Be For $15 on 4/15 

More than two years ago, fast food workers launched the first strike for a $15 minimum wage. Now, over 190 cities are holding protests across the country on Wednesday, April 15th, and more types of service employees are joining in.11021237_1563800720568277_7928440022729600080_n

Walmart and other companies have recently relented on a  $10 per hour minimum as income inequality continues to grow.  They will soon find, however, that the hike to $10 will not be enough for a fair wage in today’s economy.

The Greater Hartford rally will be held at the State Capitol at 4 p.m. on Wednesday April 15th.

The push for living wages has expanded to part-time faculty at colleges and universities as well as  workers in fast food, retail, home care, retail and convenience sectors of the economy.

To join the New Britain contingent at the April 15th rally contact the Democratic Town Committee at

April Town Committee Meeting – Thursday April 30th

The next meeting of the Democratic Town Committee will be Thursday, April 30th. Please mark your calendars for 2015 meeting dates. All Democrats are welcome.

April 30
May 28
June 25
August 27
September 17
October 29
November 3   ELECTION DAY (Meet at headquarters)
December 3

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