NB Gets State Bonds For Schools, Treatment Center, COSTCO’s Road

The state Bond Commission approved several New Britain projects Wednesday November 19th.   Among the bonding requests were $1,191,500 for the DiLoreto, Pulaski and Slade Schools, $545,272 for renovations and improvements at the Farrell Treatment Center, $1,057,465 for a roof replacement for 10 Franklin Square, and E.C. Goodwin Technical High School is expected to receive $840,031for facility upgrades.  Additionally, a $850,000 grant-in-aid to the City of New Britain has been requested to finance road improvements along Route 71 (Hartford Road) and at the Route 9 north-bound off ramp to Route 71.

“Our technical schools are key in our efforts to continue to grow Connecticut’s manufacturing sector and prepare a workforce for 21st Century careers,” said Governor Dannel P. Malloy. “These new funds will help ensure that students get the most out of their educational experience and graduate ready to fill real-world jobs.”

“It seems like a million years since I volunteered at the Farrell Treatment Center. I am pleased that they received the funding necessary to continue serving the New Britain Community,” said State Rep. Peter Terycak (D- New Britain).

“I am very pleased that as a result of the hard work of the delegation and the Governor, our schools will receive funding for much-needed technology improvements.   Farrell Treatment Center has a long record of quality service in the City of New Britain,” Rep. Rick Lopes said. “The delegation believes that improving their facility will help continue their important work for the next few decades.”

“Technological advances are becoming an increasingly critical component of our daily lives. I am encouraged to see us investing in school technological improvements that will allow our students to be prepared for the future,” Rep. Robert Sanchez said. “These funds will help us get there.”

“During a recent visit to Goodwin Technical High School, I had the pleasure of seeing the impressive work being done by students in electrical engineering and other high-precision fields,” said Senator Terry Gerratana. “The bonding secured this month will ensure that students at this school continue to be trained on the same cutting edge tools that they will use upon entering the workforce. This is exactly the kind of investment that Connecticut needs to make to maintain a skilled workforce that will help businesses thrive in our state.”

The bonding for E.C. Goodwin Technical High School is part of a larger package for technical high schools across the state. The $840,000 dedicated to that project will go towards facilities repairs and program upgrades.

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