DTC Voter Registration Group Forms….Amended City $10.10 Proposal Advances….Reception Honoring Tim O’Brien….Red Sox Tickets Going Fast….2014 Calendar….

Voter Registration: DTC Forms Committee To Sign Up New Democrats

The Democratic Town Committee began forming new committees in March for the new term, including a voter registration committee to enroll unregistered residents and promote membership in the Democratic Party.

The voter registration group, composed of elected and associate DTC members, seeks to maintain  strong Democratic membership reflective of the city’s diverse population.

As of March 25th voter enrollment in the city totaled 25,245 with 13,480 Democrats (53.3), 8,627 Unaffiliateds  (34), 2,803 Republicans (11.1) and 335 from other parties (1.3).

Voter registration efforts leading up to the November 4th election will include voter sign ups at community events and festivals, neighborhood canvassing and outreach and a review of the inactive list of voters  by the Registrar of Voters that stems from canvassing of voters by mail.

Committee members to date  include Isabelita Cancel, Mario Santos, Willie Justiniano, Merrill Gay, Pearl Paris, Maria Matos, Peggy Lampkin and Tom Shields.  Cancel, Justiniano and Santos have long been active in registering new Democrats.

At its March 25th meeting the DTC also elected assembly district leaders in.cluding Ron Jakubowski (22nd), Mario Santos and Tonilynn Collins (24th), Jahaira Jimenez (25th) and Bob Pleines (26th). Other DTC subcommittees include education, jobs/economic development and the municipal budget.

The Town Committee meets on April 24th and all Democrats are welcome to attend.

Council Committee Modifies and Approves  $10.10 Per Hour Proposal 

The Common Council’s Administration, Finance and Law subcommittee has approved a proposal by Council President Mike Trueworthy to set a $10.10 an hour minimum wage for city employees who are not covered by labor or other agreements.

The measure, if adopted,  would take effect in 2015-2016, one year ahead of the state’s $10.10 an hour minimum wage to take effect in 2017. The city minimum would  impact seasonal or other workers not covered by collective bargaining. The sub-committee revised the original resolution and independent contractors are excluded from the proposal that will now go back to the full Council for a vote.

To urge support for the $10.10 an hour resolution contact the Mayor’s office and the City Council. Mayor’s Office:  Tel: (860) 826-3303

Email:  Mayor@NewBritainCT.gov       Common Council:    Link to all  Members 

 Phenomenal People Reception To Honor Tim O’Brien Saturday, April 12th

A “Phenomenal People” Reception will be held Saturday, April 12th, at 4 p.m. to honor former Mayor Tim O’Brien at the Pride of Connecticut Lodge of Elks, 24 Elm Street.

The Lodge’s  Anna Warmsley Temple has organized the reception where O’Brien and the Lodge’s Nathaniel Bryant (PGER) will be recognized.  The donation for the reception is $15 per person.

Major League Baseball: LAST CALL FOR TICKETS

5716_houston_astros-jersey-2013Fenway Trip Sunday, August 17th To See Astros 

A limited number of tickets remain for a trip to Fenway Park on  Sunday, August 17th for a game between the World Champion Red Sox and the Houston Astros. Game time is 1:35 pm.  The deadline is Thursday, April 10th.boston-redsox-logo1

Reserved tickets are $34 pp. Transportation at an additional cost will be provided.  For information e-mail: newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com or call John McNamara – 860-416-0665.

 2014 Democratic Town Committee Calender

  • April 24 – April Town Committee Meeting
  • April 25-  Friday Night Out Bowling
  • May 14 – 5th District Congressional Convention
  • May 16 – Democratic State Convention
  • May 19 – 6th State Senate District Convention
  • May 20 – 22nd and 24th State Representative Conventions
  • May 20 – May DTC Meeting (Endorsements for 25th and 26th State Representative)
  • May 21 – Judge of Probate Convention
  • May 29 – Town Committee Spring Reception
  • June 26 – June Town Committee Meeting
  • June 27 – Backyard Cookout
  • July 24 – July Town Committee Meeting
  • August 12 – Primary Day (if necessary)
  • August 17 – Red Sox vs. Astros at Fenway Park
  • August 23-  Town Committee Cookout
  • August 28 – August Town Committee Meeting
  • September 18 – September Town Committee Meeting
  • October 23 – October Town Committee Meeting
  • November 2 – Pre-Election Get Out The Vote event
  • November 4 – Election Day (Governor, State Offices and US Congress)
  • November 20 – November Town Committee Meeting
  • December 18 – December Town Committee Meeting/Holiday Party

End Quote

“…..it’s clear that the law [Affordable Care Act]  is helping a lot of Americans. Three million young people remain on their parents’ health-care plans; more than eight million uninsured people are eligible for Medicaid; and, according to the Department of Health and Human Services, more than a hundred million people have received preventive-care services, like mammograms and flu shots, at no cost.”

from The New Yorker Talk of the Town April 7th  by Jeffrey Toobin

Connect with New Britain Democrats

On the net: www.newbritaindemocrat.org

Twitter: www.twitter.com/nbdemocrat

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/newbritaindemocrat

NOTICE – If you do not wish to receive updates from New Britain Democrats write “cancel” in the subject box and reply to newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com.


Labor donated. Any costs associated with this message paid for by New Britain Democratic Town Committee, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain CT 06050   John Valengavich, Treasurer. Approved by John McNamara




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