BOE Vote On Roosevelt School Monday….Bowling For Democrats February 28th….The 2014 Political Calendar

Whither Roosevelt?  BOE Schedules Monday Vote On Re-Use Of East Side Middle School

The 10-member Board of Education (BOE) has scheduled a Monday 2/10 vote on a re-use of the Roosevelt Middle School on the city’s East Side following a public meeting  (Courant story) last week at which parents and residents questioned the plan.

Proposed for Roosevelt –the middle school for students who attend Chamberlain and Smith elementary schools  — are new uses,  including an alternative school-to-work program for high school students and temporary classes for Gaffney School students while that school across town is being renovated.

Roosevelt MIddle School, Goodwin Street

Roosevelt MIddle School, Goodwin Street

If approved the “re-purposing” of  Roosevelt would send middle schoolers in the East Street area to either Pulaski School on Farmington Avenue or to Slade Middle on Steele Street in the West End. Roosevelt would be closed as a middle school. Teachers and staff would be re-assigned.

In dueling letters to the New Britain Herald editor,  BOE members expressed differing viewpoints on Superintendent Kelt Cooper’s Roosevelt plan.

Democratic BOE member Aram Ayalon said the plan contradicts the neighborhood school philosophy adopted last year in his January 28th letter.  Stated Ayalon:  “The move will create two larger middle schools (Slade and Pulaski) of over 800 students  each where the facilities will be more crowded and there might be less individual attention to students, more discipline issues, and less services provided. This is especially important for early adolescents who need a stable and nurturing environment. Haven’t our students suffered enough movements last year?”

Republican BOE Member Nick Mercier countered in a January 30th letter: “Currently, Roosevelt has an enrollment of fewer than 500 students while Pulaski and Slade have roughly 500 and 700 students each. Depending on how the district lines are drawn Roosevelt could be closed and both Pulaski and Slade would still have fewer than 900 students each, well within the boundaries of what other successful districts have seen for middle school enrollment figures.”

The Board of Education meeting will be held Monday, February 10th  at 6 p.m. at Board of Education offices, 242 Main Street.

Bowling for Democrats:  Join The Party At Bowl-A-Rama February 28th

The Democratic Town Committee will hold a 2014 kick-off fundraising event at Callahan’s Bowl-A-Rama in Newington on Friday evening February 28th from 6:30 to 9:30 P.M.

One of the invited celebrity guests

One of the invited celebrity guests

The bowling party includes a buffet (baked chicken, ziti, sausage & peppers, garden salad, meat platter, rolls and soda with a cash bar). Bowlers get two games and shoe rentals.  There’ll be recognition and prizes for top scorers and supporters. Contribution: $30 per person ($15 buffet only). Participating bowlers are invited to obtain pledge contributions for the town committee based on their bowling score.

Reservations and information:; 860-505-8901

End Quote

We know now that Government by organized money is just as dangerous as Government by organized mob. Never before in all our history have these forces been so united against one candidate as they stand today. They are unanimous in their hate for me — and I welcome their hatred.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Oct. 31, 1936, from a Madison Square Garden speech for re-election to a second term.

 2014 Political Calendar

Thursday, February 2oth, 7:30 pm |  February Town Committee Meeting | Location TBD

Thursday, March 6th, 2014  7:30 pm | Town Committee Organizational Meeting for new term | New Britain City Hall, Room 504, 27 West Main Street.

State Offices – Party Endorsements

May 6-27: Period for Party Endorsements at conventions including Governor/ Lt. Governor, Secretary of the State, Treasurer, Comptroller and Attorney General, Congress and multi town Legislative (State Senate, State Representative Districts 22 and 24) and Judge of Probate candidates.

May 20-27: Endorsements for State Representative Districts 25 and 26.

August 12, 2013:  Party Primary Date

November 4, 2014 : Election Day

Connect with New Britain Democrats

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