Senator Murphy Condemns Crackdown On Free Speech By Ukrainian Parliament

Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy

In a joint statement with AZ Senator John McCain on Friday, Senator Chris Murphy, a member of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee,  condemned passage of anti-protest laws by Ukraine’s Parliament that is controlled by President Yanukovych.

We are troubled that the Ukrainian parliament controlled by President Yanukovych enacted legislation yesterday that clearly infringes upon the Ukrainian people’s right to protest peacefully and curtails their freedom of speech. This appears to be the latest attempt to suppress the Maidan demonstrations in Kyiv without dialogue or compromise. The unconventional adoption of this legislation threatens the credibility of Ukraine’s parliament and other democratic institutions, and calls into question the government’s commitment to meeting the democratic aspirations of its people.

Such measures also contradict the Ukrainian government’s stated aspirations to join the European Union and could likely deepen Ukraine’s political crisis. If Ukraine’s leaders are truly committed to the path of European integration and to meeting the demands of its people, the government must ensure that any legislation meets democratic standards and protects fundamental freedoms.


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1 Response to Senator Murphy Condemns Crackdown On Free Speech By Ukrainian Parliament

  1. Victoria Loebell says:

    Thank you, Sen. Murphy & Sen. McCain! I have many Ukranian friends who have explained to me the political crisis there. What troubles me as much is the economic troubles of that country; no health care, no consistent pensions or salaries of teachers, and, of course, rampant corruption of government officials and police. Please do something. Ukranians here think America & Obama have abandoned them! I, too, think we have because Ukraine has no oil that we need nor international terrorist groups like Al Queda to bother us.

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