Special Election in Ward 5: Help Get Out The Vote

Special_Election_SliderA special election will be held Tuesday January 7th in the Ward 5 Council District that includes the Gaffney, DiLoreto and Pulaski school polling places in the city’s northwest neighborhoods.

Democrats Carlo Carlozzi and Roy Centeno were declared the winners on November 5th,  but a still unexplained ballot mix up at DiLoreto School denied 17 voters the opportunity to vote for their council aldermanic candidates.

The Superior Court, in a controversial early December ruling, ordered the re-vote in all three districts with the same four candidates who were on the ballot November 5th.

In a GOP strategy to hold down voter turnout, the city’s Republican Corporation Counsel, Gennaro Bizzarro, refused  the Democratic and Republican  Registrars of Voters’ request  to seek  a January 21st special election instead of the court-ordered January 7th re-vote.

For voter information and to help get out the vote contact New Britain Democrats at newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com, 860-505-8901.

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