Democratic e-letter 28 November 2013: Happy Thanksgiving!

Reflections On Thanksgiving

It is a time that evokes the original Thanksgiving story that unfolded almost 400 years ago.  Our nation’s first immigrants broke bread in community with Native Americans in gratitude for the harvest and for enduring – surviving – such tremendous hardship by the Grace of God.  Nine years later, John Winthrop, the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, gave a sermon on a ship bound for Boston that helped establish the identity and values of our new nation: “… for we must Consider that we shall be as a City upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are upon us….”

The light of our “city” today is being dimmed – at a time of record poverty and a scandal of growing inequality – by those who cast the poor and unemployed as “takers” and the rest as “makers.”  At a time when we should be seeking long-term solutions that allow our economy to meet the needs of all people, we are facing an asymmetric partisan divide.  Driven by Tea Party conservatives, budgets are viewed solely as financial documents and not understood as moral ones – prioritizing dollars over people.

Most recently, right wing ideologues have proposed massive cuts to the food stamp program that have prevented reauthorization of the new Farm Bill.  Until now, the food stamp program has been enshrined as bi-partisan legislation that has helped to meet the most fundamental needs of people living in poverty.  Food Stamp Allotment vs. Cost of Thanskgiving Dinner

Consider that this year, the average cost per person of a modest Thanksgiving dinner is $4.90.  At the same time, the average food stamp allotment per person per meal is $1.39, down 5% from last year.  Nearly 90% of households receiving SNAP benefits include a child, a senior or disabled person.  45% of SNAP recipients are children.  In 2011, the food stamp program lifted 4.7 million people out of poverty.

Yesterday, the Vatican released Pope Francis’s first apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (the Joy of the Gospel) in which he codifies eight months of his uplifting homilies, speeches, and other public remarks.  Just as Jesus was inseparable from the poor, so too is Pope Francis, who continues to amaze the global community with the hope and love he brings to the world.  In the exhortation, he refers 80 times to “the poor,” and admonishes “trickle-down theories” that he rightfully asserts have “never been confirmed by the facts.”

from Catholic Democrats |

DTC Meeting Thursday, December 5th At AFSCME

The Democratic Town Committee will meet Thursday, December 5th at AFSCME Council 4, 444 East Main Street.

The meeting will start at 6:30 pm with refreshments and recognition for 2013 campaign volunteers. Regular business will be taken up at 7 p.m.

The agenda will include the filling of vacancies for Justice of the Peace in the current term and the status of the Ward 5 Aldermanic race.

On November 25th counsel for Democrats, Republicans and the city’s Republican Corporation Counsel filed briefs in court.  The situation stems from Election Day when 17 voters at Diloreto School received Ward 2 ballots instead of Ward 5 ballots.  The court will either order a new election or uphold the results in which incumbents Carlo Carlozzi, Jr. and Roy Centeno were certified the winners.

Members and friends are also asked to bring a non-perishable food item for donating to New Britain’s Spanish Speaking Center.



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2 Responses to Democratic e-letter 28 November 2013: Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Bette Marafino says:

    This Thanksgiving Day E-NEwsletter is beautifully written, meaningful and most appropriate for a Thanksgiving Day reflection. Please share as an op-Ed. Bette Marafino, president, CT Alliance for Retired Americans.

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