New Britain Democratic Update: One Term Of Moving New Britain Forward Deserves Another

One Term of Moving New Britain Forward Deserves Another

Dear Democrat:

Since November 2011 Mayor Tim O’Brien and the Democratic majority on the Common Council have worked  to overcome structural deficits, an understaffed police force, indifference to blight issues, and the denial of needed resources for schools.

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At the same time the acrimony and divisiveness of the Old Team Stewart years have given way to constructive give and take. For elected officials of any party it has been a difficult time to govern in the aftermath of the worse economic downturn since the Great Depression. But  in less than two years Mayor O’Brien and Democrats have delivered:

* A balanced budget  and a long-term approach to leaner, efficient government without loss of frontline jobs;

*  A responsive police force growing to levels that neighborhoods need for adequate public safety; officers are no longer leaving for other towns;

* Public schools with long overdue books and technology and new teachers for the first time in 12+ years– resources to reduce the achievement gap; the end of City Hall/BOE hostility.

* A serious commitment  to neighborhood revitalization with stronger  anti-blight measures and code enforcement that protect homeowners, tenants and responsible landlords.  [Small wonder the out-of-town landlord lobby is pouring money and support into the Republican nominee’s campaign in exchange for her promise to gut anti-blight policies and adequate support for code enforcement.]

* An acceleration of business and jobs growth with companies moving into town — witness the new companies coming to Pinnacle Business Park, the Macristy and Peter Paul sites and rising prospects for transit-based development downtown.

On November 5th New Britain voters will decide whether to continue the progress being made by Mayor O’Brien and the Democratic majority.

Or the city can backslide with a Republican slate that, like their counterparts in Washington, misleads on taxes, spending and health care.

So far the Republican Mayoral Nominee has thrown brickbats and platitudes, but has offered  nothing (unless she agrees with Mayor O’Brien) about finding solutions to solve the problems citizens want their government to address.

Please join the effort to send Republicans in New Britain and Washington a message on November 5th.  Vote Democratic.   Your time and effort is very much-needed to bring out voters this year. To volunteer contact Democratic headquarters.  The headquarters and voter information line: 860-505-8901; E-mail:

John McNamara, Town Chair

 Support The NBDTC To Get Out The Vote



To volunteer  contact  Telephone 860-505-8901

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  1. Frank Self says:

    Thank you, John.


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