Final Weekend Push For Row B…….Why O’Brien’s Fight Against Blight Matters…7-Point Action Plan To Get Out The Vote


Saturday Rally, Final Push For Votes Before Nov. 5th

New Britain Democrats will get a boost in the final weekend of the municipal election campaign with scheduled visits by Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman, State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, U.S. Senator Chris Murphy and Cong. Elizabeth Estyimgres

On Saturday, Nov. 2nd the Democratic Town Committee will hold a noon rally at headquarters for volunteers and the Democratic slate.  Attendees will hear from Lt. Gov. Wyman and Comptroller Lembo.    There’ll be New Britain made refreshments, including Rosol’s hot dogs and Avery’s Soda.

On Sunday afternoon,  Mayor O’Brien will be joined in door-to-door canvassing by Senator Chris Murphy and Cong. Elizabeth Esty before Murphy and Esty go off to Washington to do battle with the Tea Party Republicans.

Democratic Headquarters is located at 19 Bassett Street.  860-505-8901


Out Of Town Landlord Group Still Spreading Lies On Housing Policy

An unfortunate part of the 2013 municipal campaign has been the propaganda of an out-of-town landlord lobby group that has engaged in and paid for personal attacks against Mayor O’Brien and the Democratic Council — a campaign of distortion that is now one year old.  At meetings hosted by individuals such as former Mayor Stewart and the controversial New York housing mogul, Sam Zherka, the group has spread lies about the city’s anti-blight and code enforcement policies.

What is damaging and unfair is that this outside group is not representative nor does it speak for the majority of the city’s  landlords who are hard-working and responsible.


Why O’Brien’s Fight Against Blight Matters

I managed an 84-unit housing site in New Britain during the violent ’90s. I saw crimes of every imaginable kind surrounding my site. Federal, state and NBPD forces seized control of this area after millions were lost cleaning up a violent, deadly mess which was partially created by greedy landlords’ “willful blindness,” providing gangs a “safe-haven.”

Tearful mothers from these buildings pleaded with me for a safer home before a shoot-out in their building kills their child.

As a certified occupancy specialist, I inspected these terrified applicants’ apartments and spoke to their landlords. I visited numerous city apartments, witnessing brazen landlords overcharging for horrible apartments and getting wealthy while bragging. Change was needed. Doing my part, I helped secure federal funding to reclaim the neighborhood. I joined the North/Oak NRZ and met NRZ Board Member and Alderman Tim O’Brien who listened to problems and took action with other leaders – he spoke about getting things done and did them.

Following multiple raids by police and the State Nuisance Abatement Unit, the city regained control — the brave landlords remaining were happy, the unscrupulous landlords were not. Finally, great things were happening in our community — leaders and residents made them happen.

Years later, as a case manager, I learned some ‘90s nuisance properties returned — something’s wrong.  Strangely, Mayor Stewart saw reducing the police as a tax savings; the gangs saw it as a “green light” to re-establish power. Fortunately, Mayor O’Brien’s past community experience prompted his crime/blight initiative to regain control. Experience rules when dealing with neighborhood welfare and safety threats — O’Brien has the experience, Stewart doesn’t.

Voters, never risk your or your child’s safety because your landlord demands you to vote for someone who selfishly obligates herself to protect your landlord’s wallet before your family’s safety.

Mayor O’Brien has my vote.

Millie Herrera

Proud New Britain resident and rental property owner

The letter to the editor was published in the New Britain Herald, October 28th

E-DAY 6 AM TO 8 PM…A Seven Point Action Plan 

It’s time to Get Out The Vote.

Here’s seven things you can do to keep moving New Britain forward:

1. Vote and take family  and neighbors with you

2. Canvas a neighborhood

3. Make telephone calls

4. Stand at the Polls

5. Drive voters to the polls

6. Text five friends & tell them to vote for the Democrats on Row B

7.  Be hospitable and help feed our volunteers and poll workers


To volunteer  contact  Telephone 860-505-8901

NOTICE – If you do not wish to receive updates from New Britain Democrats write “cancel” in the subject box and reply to


Labor donated for New Britain Democratic Town Committee, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain CT 06050   John Valengavich, Treasurer. Approved by John McNamara

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