20 Days To E-Day….Coming Events….Controversial Out Of Town Landlord Back Making Scurrilous, False Attacks Against Democrats

20 Days To E-Day…..Vote Democratic On Row B November 5th……  

Ride/Info Line 860-505-8901  Headquarters 19 Bassett Street

Coming Events….

Friday October 18th Fundraiser for Ward 4’s Tobias Freeman

Tobias Freeman - Ward 4

Tobias Freeman Ward 4


Ward 4 Alderman Tobias Freeman’s committee — Freeman for Alderman — will hold a fundraiser for his campaign on Friday October 18 from 6-8 pm at the Roma Sports Bar & Grill  382 Allen Street.  On the agenda will be pizza, wings and soda. Suggested donation is $25 to a maximum of $250 for the first-term alderman’s campaign

Saturday October 19th  Countdown to E-Day Cookout at Headquarters

“A Countdown to E-Day Cookout” including Rosol’s hot dogs will be held on Saturday, October 19th from noon to 2 p.m. at Democratic Headquarters, 19 Bassett Street. Join DTC members and volunteers in support of the Democratic slate. Rain or shine. Donations of any amount are welcome to the NBDTC. The maximum individual donation to the DTC in a year is $2,000.

Monday October 21st Reception for Council Prez Mike Trueworthy

Mike Trueworthy

Mike Trueworthy

Common Council President Michael Trueworthy’s supporters will hold a reception at Democratic Headquarters on Monday, October 21st, 5:30-7:30 pm, 19 Bassett Street. The suggested donation is $25 with a maximum allowable contribution of $250. This is s Trueworthy for Common Council event. Trueworthy for Common Council, 383 Monroe Street New Britain CT 06052.

Thursday October 24th Max Pizza II Event For Ald. Suzanne Bielinski

Suzanne Bielinski

Suzanne Bielinski

The Bielinski for Council Committee will hold an evening reception with pizza and wings on October 24th from 5 to 7 p.m. to benefit the Council Majority Leader’s re-election campaign.  The event will be held at Max Pizza II Restaurant, 79 Shuttle Meadow Avenue. The suggested contribution is $25 up to a maximum of $250.

From the Chair:

Controversial Landlord Zherka Seeking To Smear Democrats

The instigator and bankroller of scurrilous, personal attacks against Mayor Timothy O’Brien and the Democratic Council  last year returns to New Britain this week in the final weeks of the municipal campaign.

Using deliberate lies about property taxes and false claims about an absentee landlord fee adopted to pay for code enforcement,  the New Britain City Journal last week announced the controversial Sam Zherka’s return  for a Whinstone Tavern meeting on October 18th to stir up opposition to O’Brien who is seeking a second term.

The meeting organized by the out-of-town landlord lobby features Zherka, the manager of Farmington Hills and an adherent of the right-wing Tea Party in New York, as the guest speaker at an all you can eat and drink for free party at the golf course.

The City Journal, heavily financed and influenced by Zherka,  “reported” that property owners have been hit with  “actual tax increases varying from 8-12 percent across the board”  in a clumsy  effort to claim O’Brien is responsible for one of the largest tax increases ever.

The phony claim about high taxes — also touted by Team Stewart (we can’t wait for the faux tax bill in the mail )  — is contradicted by information available to anybody at the City Assessor’s office and cited in a recent blog post.

Of more than 9,000 single-family homes in New Britain, there was an average decrease of $134; 6,972 homeowners (77%) are paying less on a mill rate of 44.12; 2,076 pay slightly more or about the same because their home values did not drop as much as others. For two and three-family houses the property tax decreases are even more dramatic. Of 2,711 two-family residences 2,479 (91%) experienced lower tax bills; 232 did not. The average change is a decrease in taxes of $546.  Of  1,582 three-family dwellings 1,577 (99.6%) got lower tax bills and  15 paid more. On average three-family owners are paying $1,129 less. The new property assessments confirm that  tax bills for single family, one-, two- and three-family residences decreased significantly.  Only the few properties with values decreasing less than 17 percent paid about the same or received small increases.

The numbers reveal that people like Zherka have enjoyed an undeserved windfall because of state-mandated revaluation and simply don’t want to pay a share of the costs of code enforcement.  They’d rather foist all costs of doing business on to their tenants and small property owners — taking more profits out of the city.

The malicious tone and content of the attacks on Mayor O’Brien and Council Democrats by Sam Zherka and the Zherka-financed City Journal is a cynical ploy to mislead tenants and poison the political process three weeks from Election Day.

It’s time for not only Democrats but also New Britain Republicans  in the persons of Chairman Peter Steele and Republican Nominee Erin Stewart to reject the thuggery and misinformation of Sam Zherka, the City Journal and a landlord lobby unwilling to pay its fair share. Or will they agree with Zherka and acquiesce to his smears for political gain?

John McNamara


To volunteer  contact newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com.  Telephone 860-505-8901

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Labor donated for New Britain Democratic Town Committee, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain CT 06050   John Valengavich, Treasurer. Approved by John McNamara

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