Tea Party Plans Friday Visit To Esty’s New Britain Office; Esty Statement On Government Shutdown

Calling All Democrats:  Tell the Tea Party “patriots” they are not welcome in New Britain.

The Tea Party now calling the shots in the Republican Party is calling for a demonstration in New Britain, Friday, October 4th in downtown New Britain (old post office building) from 12 to 1.

“On Friday, October 4th at 12pm local time, we are calling for patriots to show up at their elected Representatives local offices to demand they Shutdown Obamacare, not the Government. Navigate to your area on the map and click on a marker closest to you to RSVP<” says the Tea Party website  that calls for flouting the law and demonizing government of any kind.s-UPSIDE-DOWN-ELEPHANT-large

Here is the invitation from the Tea Party site:

Member of Congress: Elizabeth Esty (D-CT05)

Date: 10/4/2013
Event: Protest
Type: House
Location: Old Post Office Plaza
Street: 114 West Main Street
City: New Britain
State: CT
Zip: 06051
RSVP LINK: http://www.teapartypatriots.org/shutdown-obamacare/?event_name=Rep.%20Elizabeth%20Esty%20(D-CT05)%20New Britain

Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty (CT-5) issued a statement Tuesday October 1 on the failure of House Republican leaders to allow a vote on a clean CR (continuing resolution) to avert a government shutdown.

“It’s outrageous and sad that instead of allowing a vote on and helping pass the clean CR that passed the Senate, Speaker Boehner allowed a fringe of his caucus to shut down the government in a quest to refight a tired ideological battle. The obsession that this small group of Tea Party Republicans in Washington has with defunding and dismantling the Affordable Care Act is inexplicable. The economic harm that a government shutdown will inflict on families and businesses in Connecticut and across the country is inexcusable. Folks in Connecticut and across the country deserve better than continued ideological debates in Washington. They need a government that functions, and they deserve a government that puts them first. I will be working for cooperation and action so that this crisis, which was completely avoidable, is ended as quickly as possible.”

What does Team Stewart and the New Britain GOP have to say about  the extremists in their own party?

For more information –   New Britain Democratic Headquarters 860-505-8901  newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com

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1 Response to Tea Party Plans Friday Visit To Esty’s New Britain Office; Esty Statement On Government Shutdown

  1. Aram says:

    I would say that it’s now a shame for one to call him or herself a Republican. Republicans and especially Tea parties don’t care about people, their health, their health insurance, poverty, and simply people.

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