Meeting The Candidates: 12 Incumbents, 3 New Candidates Seek Spots On Common Council……DeFronzo Holds Reception…..Honors For Rep. Sanchez at Puerto Rican Society July 5th….Senator Gerratana Champions GMO Labeling Law

Democratic Council Field Includes 12 incumbents, Three New Candidates

Twelve incumbents and three new candidates are seeking election  to the  15-member Common Council as Democrats move toward their municipal endorsement meeting on July 18th.

The DTC heard from Mayor Tim O’Brien and  20 other candidates for various city offices, including the Council and the Board of Education at its Meet the Candidates meeting on June 20th at New Britain City Hall.  A five-member nominations committee is preparing candidate profiles and has begun interviews with candidates to develop a party platform.

For the five Council at large seats President Mike Trueworthy, Majority Leader Suzanne Bielinski, Ald. Ra-Sheen Brown, Ald. Eva Magnuszewski and Ald. Dave DeFronzo are requesting re-endorsement.

In Ward One that includes Vance Village School, New Britain High and Slade Middle polling places new candidates Sharon Rodrigue-Baretta and Matt Dabrowski are seeking the endorsement for district aldermanic seats. In Wards Two (Roosevelt School, State Armory and Chamberlain School) and Three (Smalley Academy, Senior Center, School & Graham Apts) incumbents Tonilynn Collins, Adam Platosz,  Shirley Black and Manny Sanchez are seeking the Democratic nominations. In Ward Four incumbent Tobias Freeman is seeking one of the two slots. He has  been joined by Attorney Adrian Baron, who is seeking the seat held by Larry Hermanowski, who is leaving the Council to seek Town and City Clerk. Ward Four polling places include Saint Francis, Holmes and HRA (formerly Ben Franklin). In Ward Five incumbents Carlo Carlozzi, Jr. and Roy Centeno are requesting re-endorsement for the district that includes Gaffney, DiLoreto and Pulaski schools’ polling places.

“We are moving toward our goal of a diverse and capable slate of candidates to move the city forward with the O’Brien administration,” said DTC Chair John McNamara. “The individuals who have come forward to run for Democratic Council nominations are representative of the city’s neighborhoods, businesses and  organizations.”

At the Meet the Candidates meeting four candidates spoke to the committee for seats on the Board of Education including Board President Sharon Beloin-Saavedra, incumbent Judy Greco and newcomers Robin Puchula and Nicole Rodriguez. Three candidates will be endorsed for the BOE.

Profiles of all candidates seeking Democratic endorsements will be posted ahead of the July 18th endorsements.

DeFronzo To Kick Off At Large Campaign Thursday, 6/27, at Angelico’s

David DeFronzo

David DeFronzo

Alderman at Large David DeFronzo will kick off his re-election campaign on Thursday, June 27th from 5 to 7 pm at a fundraising reception.  It will be held at Angelico’s Restaurant, 542 East Main Street, New Britain.

DeFronzo, formerly a Ward Four Councillor, was elected at large in 2011. In a message to supporters DeFronzo cited his record opposing ill-advised development plans in residential neighborhoods, his work with the Mayor’s office to secure bonding for reconstruction of a fence at Fairview Cemetery and improvements to emergency preparedness.

The reception is a DeFronzo 2013 Committee event. There is a suggested donation of $50. For more information call 860-505-0674.

Honors For Rep. Sanchez at Puerto Rican Society Dinner July 5th

New Britain’s Puerto Rican Society will hold its annual Festival on July 5th and 6th at its High Street Hall.  State Rep. Bobby Sanchez (25), the Town Committee’s Vice Chair,  will be the honoree at the Society’s Friday, July 5th dinner.

Rep. Bobby Sanchez

Rep. Bobby Sanchez

It will be a second  recognition for Sanchez this month. Previously Sanchez, along with State Senator Terry Gerratana,  was honored by the Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance. Cited was their support for a new early childhood office contained in House Bill 6359 in this year’s legislative sesssion. The reform establishing a one-stop office for early childhood education and services at the state level failed to pass on the session’s last day. Governor Malloy, however, is moving ahead with the change through an executive order.  Rep. Sanchez, serving his second term, is Vice Chair of the legislature’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, and a member of the Higher Education and Employment Advancement as well as the Education Committees.

If interested in joining New Britain Democrats at the Puerto Rican Society dinner honoring Rep. Sanchez contact the DTC at

Good Nutrition: Gerratana Pushes GMO Labeling Bill To Passage

Bipartisan legislation championed by State Senator Terry Gerratana (6) that requires all food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to carry a label identifying them as such, was enacted in the 2013 session. .

“GMO labeling is a vital step forward for consumers in Connecticut. There is growing concern with the health risks posed by GMOs, and people deserve to know what is in the food they are feeding their families,” said Senator Gerratana, who is the Senate Chair of the Public Health Committee “Sixty-two countries already require labels identifying genetically modified foods. Given that the FDA already requires extensive labeling on foods, it will not be overly burdensome on the food industry to provide consumers with this important information.”  The bill requires the packaging for any foods intended for human consumption that are entirely or partially genetically engineered to read “Produced with Genetic Engineering.” This phrase must be printed in the same size and font as the ingredients on the nutrition label. Unpackaged vegetables or other raw agricultural commodities must be labeled on their retail shelf or bin.

Legislators supporting the GMO label cited a report published in 2011 that reviewed 19 studies in which mammals were fed genetically modified foods. The report found evidence that a diet of consistent GMO consumption leads to liver and kidney problems. These results are very concerning considering that most Americans consume food containing GMO ingredients every day.

GMOs are plants or animals that have been engineered to contain genetic information imported from other organisms. This allows the modified organism to exhibit traits it would not otherwise possess, such as growing quicker or larger so as to be more profitable. The US Department of Agriculture reports that about 90 percent of all corn, soybeans, canola, and sugar beets raised in the United States now qualify as GMOs. The Grocery Manufacturers Association estimates that most processed foods such as cereal, granola bars, chicken nuggets, and salad dressing, contain at least one GMO ingredient.

Infographic On Student Loan Rate 

The Republican House of Representatives is trying to deny more citizens access to higher education by allowing student borrowing rates to increase. The following is a graphic from Democracy for America on broad-based public support for keeping rates the same.


Municipal Endorsements

The Town Committee will endorse candidates for city offices on July 18th including Mayor, Town and City Clerk, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Common Council (5 at large and  10 by districts), Board of Education (3), Board of Assessment Appeal (2) and Constable (4) Candidate information forms are available at

On The DTC Meeting Calendar………All Are Welcome

Democratic Headquarters Is Now Open.  Democratic Headquarters at 19 Bassett Street is now open for the 2013 municipal campaign. To volunteer contact us  call 860-505-8901; e-mail

Thursday, July 18th July DTC Meeting & Municipal Endorsements, 7 pm, at New Britain City Hall, 27 West Main Street, Room 504. 

Volunteer| Organize| Vote with New Britain Democrats

To volunteer  contact  Telephone 860-505-8901

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