Convention Party Thursday 9/6…..Nominee Elizabeth Esty At NBDTC….Voter Registration Drive Continues…

Labor Day 2012

“There is no greater calling than to serve your fellow men. There is no greater contribution than to help the weak. There is no greater satisfaction than to have done it well.”

– United Auto Workers President Walter Reuther (1907-1970)

Convention Party 9/6: New Britain’s Got Your Back President Obama

Join New Britain Democrats for a convention watch party featuring President Obama’s acceptance speech for a second term on Thursday, September 6th as the Democratic National Convention concludes in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The event  — one of numerous convention watch parties being held across Connecticut —  will be held at the Roma Sports Bar & Grill, 382 Allen Street, New Britain from 8 pm to approximately 11 p.m.

Thursday’s convention will be televised from Bank of America Stadium and will include remarks from MA Senator John Kerry, Vice President’s Joe Biden’s acceptance followed by President Obama.

Music for the final night will come from Foo Fighters, Mary J. Blige, Earth, Wind and Fire, James Taylor, Delta Rae, Inspire the Fire and Marc Anthony (national anthem).

Ward 3 Alderwoman and Black Democratic Club President Shirley Black is representing New Britain as a delegate from the 5th Congressional District and is attending the convention in Charlotte this week.  Also attending as a delegate from the 1st Congressional District is Berlin Mayor Adam Salina. Connecticut sends 88 delegates to the national convention.  Delegates are elected by Congressional district every four years following the date of the March primaries.

Information on Get Out The Vote activities and participating in the Town Committee will be available at the convention party that will include refreshments.  Voluntary contributions to the Town Committee are encouraged to support campaign 2012.

5th CD: Congressional Nominee Esty Says Strong Turnout Needed November 6th at NBDTC Meeting

“Paul Ryan Would Gut The Promise of Medicare.”

ElizabethEsty, the winner of the August 14th Primary and  the Democratic nominee for Congress in the 5th Congressional District, told DTC members on August 30th that New Britain “is absolutely key” to her election and keeping the Congressional seat Democratic this year.

Esty said that national Republicans will be putting big money and resources into the district on behalf of Andrew Roraback. Esty said her campaign will respond and will be helped by the national Democrats’ RedToBlueprogram. “Washington Republicans have their sights on our district to pick up a House seat,” said Esty. “We have our work cut out for us.”

Esty said the message from the Republican National Convention was clear and negative: scant mention of education from the podium and an appalling “agenda against women”  in the GOP platform.  “Paul Ryan would gut the promise of Medicare,”  said Esty of the Ryan budget to use vouchers and move toward privatization of programs that people have been paying into all of their lives. “We should be fired up.”

Esty, who also picked up the endorsement of the WorkingFamiliesParty and House Speaker Chris Donovan on August 30th, stressed that turnout of voters in the cities of the district will be critical to her campaign as well as  Senate nominee Chris Murphy.

Voter Registration Drive: 16,243 Democrats & Counting

Associate DTC member Mario Santos, a Brook Street resident,  said a summer drive to register new voters and encourage voting is continuing through  door to door canvassing and other activities in the city in the run up to the October deadline and November 6th election.

DTC members and members of the Latino Coalition are conducting a voter registration drive as part of 2012 campaign including Alderwoman Shirley Black, Isabelita Cancel and Willie Justiniano who are shown above attending rally for Senate Nominee Chris Murphy in Hartford.

Santos, working with DTC members Isabelita Cancel and Willie Justiniano and members of the Latino Coalition, is reaching out to residents to increase registration that has historically risen in a Presidential election year.   “I am quite surprised at how many people have not voted in their lives,”  stated Santos on the importance of voter education. “We need to talk about how proud one should feel about voting.”

State Representative and DTC Vice Chair Bobby Sanchez said that registration efforts netted 125 new voters at two summer festivals this year at Saint Mary’s Church and the Puerto Rican Festival.

Voter Registration from the Registrar of Voters office totals as of August 29th showed 31,243 registered voters in the city, including 16,243 Democrats, 11,393 Unaffiliateds, 3,212 Republicans and 393 individuals from other parties.


End Quote

The Republican response – as we saw dramatically articulated this past week in Tampa – is to further reduce taxes on the rich, defund programs for the poor, fight unions, allow the median wage to continue to fall, and oppose any limits on campaign contributions or spending. “

Economist Robert Reich from

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