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 Can’t We All Get Along?  Murph and IL House Republican To Hold
New Britain “Town Meeting” Friday, 6/29
Cong. Chris Murphy (CT-5) and Cong, Tim Johnson (IL-15), Co-Chairs of the Congressional “Center Aisle” Caucus, are coming to town on  Friday, June 29th from 4:30 to 6 pm for a “Town Hall” meeting at the Whinstone Taverne, Stanley Golf Course, 245 Hartford Road.

Chris Murphy

Democrat Murphy and Republican Johnson are appearing jointly to promote the aim of the caucus which is to “encourage civility in Congress.”
The caucus originated in 2006 —  well ahead of the extremist agenda pushed by the “Teabag” Republicans — and is striving to debate differences in a respectful manner, reviving the idea of compromise on legislation and budgets that are now subject to overused filibusters and the Senate closure rule.
“Center aisle” represents largely unreported push back against an atmosphere of vitriol that has included Republican Cong.  Joe Wilson shouting “You Lie” at President Obama during a State of the Union message in 2009.
According to Rep. Johnson’s website: “Our goal was that the Center Aisle Caucus could be used to forge a bond among Members from both sides of the aisle to debate issues in a civilized manner while recognizing and defending our legitimate philosophical differences.  Shortly after I entered Congress in 2001, the nation came together following the terrorist attacks of September 11th. Congress also united as Members worked together to address the recovery of New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania and to help those personally affected by the tragedy. Unfortunately, that spirit did not persist long thereafter. Partisan gerrymandering of political districts and heightened competition for media attention absolved any spirit of national purpose.”
Cong, Johnson, commenting on Washington’s atmospherics in 2011, told a reporter in his home state: “Part of the problem is 24/7 media. They want to focus on nastiness. They want to focus on division. When somebody calls the president a liar, when somebody calls the Tea Party advocates Nazis, that makes the news. When people are civil to each other, when they execute harmony, that’s not news.”
“Our intention is not to create some defined, unified policy agenda because that would scare people off if they thought they were joining a group where they had to agree to a certain set of principles,” Cong. Murphy was quoted in a news story. ” What we want is for more Republicans and Democrats to create relationships and then allow those relationships to turn into productive activity down the line.”
Co-founded by Anderson and NY Democrat Steve Israel,  Cong. Murphy has subsequently become one of four  co-chairs of the House Caucus which is reported to have about 40 of the 435-member House of Representatives.
With Cong. Johnson retiring from his IL seat this year and Murphy now vying to jump over to the U.S. Senate, the Center Aisle Caucus will need to find new leadership in the next Congress — a task certainly made harder by the extremism of Tea Party politics and the unlimited, anonymous corporate money now flowing to defeat President Obama and influence Congressional races.
The New Britain “Town Hall” meeting is free and refreshments will be served. Democrats interested in attending may RSVP to 860 223-8412
“Books, Blues & Brew”: O’Brien Hosts Benefit For
Public Library at Tools June 28th
Mayor Tim O’Brien will be the co-host for a fundraising event for the city’s public library on Thursday June 28th at 3 pm. at Tools Bar and Grill, 136 Main Street.
“Books, Blues & Brew” will feature a performance by Soul Tsunami and a special appearance by the Connecticut Constitution, a professional ultimate disc team with raffle prizes.  Admission is $10.
From the Daily Chamber Review  – New Britain Chamber of Commerce

Campaign 2012

GOTV In the Summertime:  52 Days Until August 14th Primary

Primary Day Is August 14th is just 52 days away and New Britain Democrats’  family, friends and neighbors campaign is underway  on behalf of Chris Murphy for Senate and Chris Donovan.
Here are four ways to help Sunday through Thursday evenings and on the weekends:
 1. Make phone calls to get out the vote
2. Register unregistered voters
3. Put up a lawn sign for Democratic candidates
4. Canvas, distribute literature in your neighborhood
To reach the New Britain Donovan campaign contact NB-DTC member Chris Calabrese at 203-982-2071, e-mail Headquarters phone is 860-505-8901
To reach the New Britain Murphy campaign contact Mike Carlo at 203-496-1496,
End Quote
Quote from a wall at the FDR Memorial in Washington, D.C. from 1931 Inaugural Address

New Britain Democrat e-letter: John McNamara, Chair and Editor, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain, CT 06050. New Britain Democrat e-letters and updates and ways you can participate may be found at Join us to register voters and get out the vote in 2012.

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