Democratic State Convention In Pictures from New Britain

New Britain delegates voted unanimously for the nomination of Cong Chris Murphy for U.S. Senator today.  Murphy took 75% of delegate support across the state.

Frank Gerratana’ sent a photo essay on New Britain Delegates at the State Democratic Convention at CCSU and the After The Convention Picnic

Delegates From left Common Council President Mike Trueworthy, Atty. Bill Weber, State Comptroller Kevin Lembo and Ward 2 Alderman Adam Platosz.



Alton Brooks, Alternate Delegate Juan Verdu and Alderwoman Shirley Black 

 Delegates Vicky Ramos, Harriet Geragosian, Emma Pierce, Susan McKinley and Art Perry



 Greg Gerrratana, State Rep. Bobby Sanchez, John Valengavich and Mayor Tim O’Brien


 State Senator Terry Gerratana and Mayor Tim O’Brien.  O’Brien delivered opening remarks to convention delegates.


 From left unidentified delegate, Alderwoman Eva Magnuszewski and Council President Mike Trueworthy


 Town Chair John McNamara got sunglasses to block out the glare from the lime green t-shirt.


 House Speaker Chris Donovan and Atty. John King


 Mayor O’Brien, Speaker Donovan and Alternate Delegate Merrill Gay


 John Geragosian, Peter Kochol and John Valengavich


 Mayor O’Brien talks with Juan Verdu and Peter Kochol during a break at convention.


 Bob Sanchez, Eva Magnuszewski and Francisco Cuin


 Francisco Cuin Vicky Ramos and Harriet Geragosian


 Susan McKinley, Senator Gerratana, Merrill Gay and Art Perry


 Merrill Gay with his velomobile and Tom Shields of Newington


 Youth for Obama


 Chris Donovan and Alderman Dave DeFronzo at DTC picnic.  DeFronzo and his wife, Monica Hermanowski-DeFronzo were the hosts.


 DTC Picnic Guests


 After The Convention Picnic

Thanks to Dr. Frank Gerratana for the photography


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