Time To Review new political map….State Central Election April 24th….Statewide honors for Alton Brooks…Convention Schedule…..Happy Earth Day

DTC To Review New Ward, District Lines At April Meeting

A  new political map for New Britain  is nearing completion with changes to ward lines, voting districts and polling places for the November Presidential election.

The Democratic Town Committee will review a final draft of the map at its April 26th meeting to be held at New Britain City Hall’s  Room 305 beginning at 7 p.m.  With re-districting already settled for Congress and legislative seats the changes now being made by the Council will complete the process that comes every 10 years in accordance with the Census.

Also on the agenda for the meeting will be the formation of DTC standing and ad hoc committees including Finance, Rules, Publicity, Hospitality and Voter Registration/GOTV.  Congressional candidate Elizabeth Esty will be a guest speaker.

Election for State Central Committee Members Tuesday, April 24th

State convention delegates from Berlin, Farmington and New Britain will meet Tuesday, April 24th  to elect a man and a woman to represent the 6th Senate District on the Democratic State Central Committee.

Berlin’s Kevin Murphy and New Britain’s Emma Pierce are seeking re-election to the 72-member state party committee.  Democrats to serve on state convention committees will also be selected at the meeting that will be held at Pride of Connecticut Lodge of Elks, 24 Elm Street, New Britain.

The State Convention will be held May 12th at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain when a candidate for U.S. Senate will be endorsed.

Statewide Honors For Alton Brooks In May

Alton Brooks, a founding director of the city’s anti-poverty agency, city commissioner, coach and longtime member of the DTC, will receive statewide honors in May with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the CT African-American Affairs Commission  (AAAC).

Alton Brooks

For 12 years the AAAC has recognized outstanding Connecticut African-American men, women, business and economic development leaders, lifetime achievers and high school students. Honors were bestowed on Connecticut residents who contributed to the quality of life of Connecticut’s African- American communities.

Honored by the Democratic Town Committee several years ago with a Distinguished Service Award, Brooks came to New Britain in the 1940s from Arkansas and the jim crow South; he worked in the war-time factories and began his involvement in the community that have never ceased. “We started the Black Democratic Club, and just wanted to be involved in the community,” Brooks told the New Britain Herald in 2006. “There was a need in the community to address the issues about blacks. Blacks weren’t being hired, we weren’t welcomed certain places, and there was so much discrimination,” Brooks said. “And, so we began to look forward and think about what we could do for the community.”

Brooks, 90,  is one of the most active DTC members and continues to be  a tireless activist for civil rights,youth employment and economic justice in his community.

The AAAC Classic Awards ceremony will be held 5/18/2012 at 7 p.m. For more information  contact Denise Drummond (860) 240-8536 or via email at denise.drummond@cga.ct.gov

April Showers Bring May Conventions

May Democratic Convention Schedule

  • State Convention (U.S. Senate)  at CCSU  – May 12
  • 5th Congressional District – May 14
  • 6th State Senate District – May 21
  • 22nd State Representative District – May 22
  • 24th State Representative District – May 22
  • Registrar of Voters, 25th, 26th State Representative Town Committee meeting will be held  between May 22-29

End Quote

“The wealth of the nation is its air, water, soil, forests, minerals, rivers, lakes, oceans, scenic beauty, wildlife habitats and biodiversity… that’s all there is. That’s the whole economy. That’s where all the economic activity and jobs come from. These biological systems are the sustaining wealth of the world.”

the late U.S. Senator from Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson, a founder of Earth Day in 1970

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