O’Brien With Strong Grassroots Campaign Wins…At Large Council Candidates Sweep….Recounts for Tax Collector (-9) , Ward 4 (+17)…DTC Meets 11/17…..End Quote: Medicare Threatened

2011 Election: O’Brien Wins, Dems Sweep For Alderman At Large, Recounts For Tax Collector, Ward 4 Saturday

State Rep. Tim O’Brien, relying on a strong get-out-the-vote campaign, was elected Mayor Tuesday with a result that gave Democrats a sweep of the five at-large seats on the Common Council. The Democratic Council edge may go to 13-2 on the Council if newcomer Tobias Freeman prevails in Ward 4. Tuesday’s tally showed him 17 votes ahead of Republican Don Naples pending a recount on Saturday morning. Democrat Todd Szabo trails incumbent Tax Collector Cheryl Blogoslawski by 9 votes, requiring a citywide recount that will also occur Saturday morning.

City Treasurer Teresa Sapieha Yanchak won a comfortable victory at the top of the ticket. In the Wards, Ward 2 incumbents Tonilynn Collins and Adam Platosz, Ward 3’s Manny Sanchez and Shirley Black, Ward 4’s Larry Hermanowski, and Ward 5’s Carlo Carlozzi and Roy Centeno won re-election. Newcomers Duane Hinkson and Stephen Sidorak came up short in Ward 1. BOE candidates Carlos Pina, Jr., Aram Ayalon and Nicole Sanders secured seats on the Board of Education for four year terms.

Unofficial returns showed O’Brien with 4,871 on the Democratic/Working Families lines. Republican Alderman Mark Bernacki 3,220, former Mayor Lucian Pawlak 825 and Alfred Mayor 68.

O’Brien, who announced his second try for Mayor last March, exuded an optimism for the city throughout his campaign despite the deep recession and fiscal challenges that await him when he takes office. He said that as the Mayor he’d work for tax fairness, adequate resources for schools, sustainable economic development policies and an inclusive city administration. In his first move this week he called for a hiring freeze and a review of the city’s finances after several years of city budgets that have relied on unrealized sales of development property and shifts of revenues by the Stewart administration that Democrats have questioned. In New Britain’s fast-paced transition, O’Brien takes office next Tuesday in ceremonies at New Britain High School. The Common Council will hold its first meeting of the new term next Wednesday.

Democratic Town Committee Meeting Thursday, November 17th

The Democratic Town Committee will hold a November meeting on Thursday, November 17th, at New Britain City Hall, 27 West Main Street, at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held in Room 504. The public is welcome to attend.

Mayoral Appointments

DTC Recording Secretary Rosemary Klotz has been appointed Chief of Staff in Mayor-elect Tim O’Brien when he takes office next week to manage the corner office at City Hall. Klotz, a member from District 10, previously served in a similar capacity for DAS Commissioner and former State Senator Don DeFronzo when he served as mayor from 1989 to 1993.

Former DTC Chairman and Attorney John King was named the city corporation counsel for the new administration.

New Britain Democrats extend congratulations to Rosemary and John.

Convention and Special Election Ahead To Fill O’Brien’s House Seat

A special election will be called by the Governor when State Rep. Tim O’Brien resigns to take the Mayor’s office next week. Democrats in Newington and New Britain will then hold a convention of the 2010 delegates to the 24th District to nominate a candidate to fill out the remainder of the term and serve in the 2012 session of the Legislature. New Britain has 11 delegates who were selected by the 24th District DTC members last year. In a special election there is no provision for party primaries. The special election is expected to be held in the early part of January.

On the Campaign Trail…..Sunday November 6th Rally At Generale Ameglio

Photos courtesy of Frank Gerratana

Tim O'Brien (center) greets supporters at a Sunday pre-election rally

Tax Collector Nominee Todd Szabo (right) and his father, Conrad. A recount will be held for Tax Collector on Saturday with Szabo nine votes down to the incumbent.

State Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo (left), State Rep. Bob Sanchez and State Senator Terry Gerratana attend rally for Tim O'Brien and Row A at Generale Ameglio.

End Quote

Democrats on the so-called Super Committee are caving to Republican demands and pushing a plan that would make drastic cuts to Medicare. This is bad policy and bad politics. Cuts like these are the worst possible way to reduce the deficit. They protect the status quo for the richest 1 percent while the 99 percent are expected to sacrifice vital healthcare that they need to survive in tough economic times like these — and they’ll hamstring Democrats running for reelection in 2012. We’ve been down this road before. Republicans and some Democrats have been pushing plans to destroy Medicare and Social Security for months. We’ve beat them then and we can beat them now with an overwhelming show of grassroots opposition to any plan that cuts Medicare.

Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America; more information on the fight to preserve Medicare at www.democracyforamerica.com

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