Ward 3’s Sanchez, Black Holding Fundraisers….DTC Will Party At Home of First Mayor 10/22….CCSU Forum To Take Up Cyber Voting…..District 9 Polling Location Moves….

Campaign 2011 In Full Swing….

Sanchez for Alderman at Great Taste, 10/19

Alderman Manny Sanchez will hold a reception to benefit his campaign on Wednesday, October 19 from 5 pm to 7:30 at Great Taste Restaurant, 597 West Main Street. Sanchez is seeking his first full term in the ward that includes Senior Center, the School and Graham apartments, Generale Ameglio and Smalley Academy polling places. The suggested donation is $50.

Sanchez points to key issues for the city, besides taxes and education, as after school initiatives, recreation and maintaining affordable housing. In seeking the Ward 3 nomination Sanchez told the DTC last summer:”Growing up in the inner-city, expectations can sometimes be set extremely low. Defining a person has nothing to do with the amount of education or money an individual may or may not have. But it is the belief that they themselves can live an honest and good life. I have always relied on the strength of family, personal will, and my community to shape who I am today. I was raised by a village that encouraged and instilled in me that hard work, valuing education and determination were means of getting ahead in this world. My mother always said ‘no matter what route life takes you in, diversions or successes, never forget where you came from’. I haven’t and I will not. This is our home. I am dedicated to our community; I will work as hard as I can and will do my best to ensure that our voices will be heard.”

Re-Elect Black Committee At Roma, 10/20

Alderwoman Shirley Black’s Re-Elect Black 2011 Committee will hold a fundraising reception Thursday, October 20, from 6 to 8 pm at the Roma Sports Bar & Grill, 382 Allen Street. There is a suggested donation of $25,

Ald. Black, a retired machinist long active in the city’s labor movement with the I.A.M., is President of the Black Democratic Club, a Justice of the Peace and DTC member from District 8.

Her priorities in seeking re-election include senior property tax relief, public safety, blight and housing issues as she seeks to work for stable and healthy neighborhoods “I am active in my church, civic and labor organizations,” Black said during the nomination process. “I am an advocate for retirees in the machinists’ union and seniors in action group (IAM 26). I am committed to providing good representation for ward 3 and for working with the mayor as well as the common council to make New Britain a better place to live for all residents.”

Dems To Hold Row A Reception Saturday 10/22 at Home of First Mayor, Stanley Works Founder

The Democratic Town Committee invites you to a reception For Tim O’Brien and the Row A Slate on Saturday, October 22nd, from 2 to 5 pm. The event is being hosted by Bob and Cindy Pleines who reside at the house of New Britain’s first mayor and the founder of The Stanley Works, Frederick Stanley. Stanley lived from 1802 to 1883.

The suggested donation is $30 payable to the NBDTC. Individual and political committee donations welcome in accordance with state campaign finance laws. In case of inclement weather the event will be held at the same time, Sunday, October 23.

All Politics Is Local: Support New Britain Democrats With A Contribution Today

The 2011 municipal election is just over a month away and your support of the Democratic Town Committee’s voter turnout efforts is urgently needed to elect a Democratic Mayor and a slate of candidates on Row A that reflects New Britain’s diversity and strengths.

Checks are payable to the NBDTC, Post Office Box 2112, New Britain, CT 06050. In accordance with state campaign finance laws the limit for individuals is $1,000 in a calendar year; $100 for communicator lobbyists. No business checks allowed. Contributions are not tax deductible.

From Secretary of the State Denise Merrill and Connecticut Democrats

CCSU Forum On 10/27 To Discuss Online Voting: “Modern Convenience or Security Risk?”

The idea of allowing voters to cast their ballots over the Internet is one of the most controversial topics facing election officials today. Does online voting make a valuable contribution to our democracy or make it more vulnerable? Does it allow for more participation from overseas voters and military personnel?

Join the Connecticut Secretary of State, the CCSU Office of the Dean of Arts & Sciences, the CCSU Political Department, the State Elections Enforcement Commission, the Connecticut Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Connecticut Citizenship Fund and the Connecticut National Guard for a symposium on online voting on Thursday, October 27, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Central Connecticut State University, in the Alumni Hall, Student Center. Moderated by John Dankosky, WNPR News Director and Host of “Where We Live,” Robert C. Vance Endowed Chair in Journalism and Mass Communications.

The Forum features Susan Dzieduszycka-Suinat, president and cofounder of Overseas Vote Foundation; Natalie Tennant, West Virginia Secretary of State; Alex Halderman, assistant professor, University of Michigan; Ron Rivest, professor, M.I.T.; and Alex Shvartsman, director of the UConn Center for Voting Technology Research.

ATTENTION VOTING DISTRICT 9: CCSU Campus Polling Location Moved For November 8th Election

The Registrars of Voter are notifying residents of Voting District 9 near the CCSU that their polling location will change on Election Day, moving from Welte auditorium to the adjacent Student Center on Ella Grasso Boulevard. Parking spaces will be set aside for voters adjacent to the Student Center.

Democratic Party Headquarters 19 Bassett Street lower level
On the Web: www.newbritaindemocrat.org
newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com Headquarters 860-796-4059

This communication is labor donated and any costs are paid for by New Britain Democratic Town Committee
John Valengavich, Treasurer. Approved by John McNamara

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