Mayoral Primary Tuesday…Honors for Dems At NAACP Dinner…Donovan Congressional Bid Rolls Into New Britain….A Quote For 9/11….


Democrats will vote Tuesday in the first party primary for mayor since 1995.

State Representative Tim O’Brien is the endorsed Democrat on Row A.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. The ride and voter information line is (860)796-4059 or by e-mail

Polling Places
1 Vance Village School 183 Vance Street
2 New Britain High School 110 Mill Street
3 Roosevelt Middle School 40 Goodwin Street
4 Gaffney School 322 Slater Road
5 New Britain Senior Center 55 Pearl Street
5-1 School Apartments 50 Bassett Street
5-2 Graham Apartments 107 Martin Luther King Drive
6 State Armory 655 Stanley Street
7 Generale Ameglio Society 13 Beaver Street
8 Smalley Academy 175 West Street
9 Welte Hall, Welte Drive at CCSU
10 First Church of Christ 830 Corbin Avenue
11 H.R.A. of New Britain 180 Clinton Street
12 Transfiguration Church 8 Concord Street
13 Pulaski Middle School 755 Farmington Avenue
14 Holmes School 2150 Stanley Street
15 DiLoreto School 732 Slater Road

Shirley Black, Other Dems Get Honors at NAACP Dinner

Ward 3 Alderwoman Shirley Black (right) and daughter Ethel Black attended the annual Freedom Fund Dinner of the New Britain NAACP at CCSU September 10. Black was the recipient of the civil rights organization's John P. Shaw Award for her community service and work for social justice. Other Democrats receiving recognition were BOE President Sharon Beloin-Saavedra, Armenthia Coley Service Award; former BOE President Peter Kochol, the Alton F. Brooks Award, and; Duane Hinkson, candidate for Ward One and NAACP vice president who received the Iola Choice Award.

Donovan Kicks Off Congressional Bid in New Britain

House Speaker Chris Donovan (D-Meriden) concluded a week of stops in the 5th Congressional District on Saturday at Franklin Square Park in New Britain. It was the kick of his run for the U.S. Congress. Party and elected officials included State Senator Terry Gerratana, State Reps. Tim O'Brien, Bob Sanchez and Peter Tercyak, BOE President Sharon Beloin-Saavedra, Council President Mike Trueworthy, Council Majority Leader Eva Magnuszewski, Ward 3 Ald. Shirley Black, Ward One Council Nominee Duane Hinkson and Town Chairman John McNamara

End Quote on 9/11

On that day, 6,000 people did not die. On that day, one person died, 6,000 times. We must understand this and all catastrophes in such a way, for big numbers only numb us to the true measure of mass murder. We say 6,000, or we say 6 million died, and the saying and the numbers explain nothing except how much death came in how short a time. Such big numbers sound more like scores or ledger entries than deaths. The real horror of that day lies not in its bigness but in its smallness, in the small, searing death of one person, 6,000 times.

And that one person was not a number but our father or our mother, our grandpa or grandma, our brother or sister, our cousin, or uncle or aunt, our friend or our lover, our neighbor or our co-worker, the gal who delivered our mail, or the guy who put out our fires or arrested the bad guys in our town. And the death of each and every one of them alone would be worthy of such a gathering and such a grief.

Rabbi Marc Gellman 9/21/2001…spoken at a memorial service at Yankee Stadium. At the time it was feared that as many as 6,000 had died.

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