On to the municipal election…DTC meets 3/24

City Election: Candidate Forms Available

A five-member nominations committee within the Democratic Town Committee has been formed to review candidates for all city offices in 2011. In July, the town committee will make endorsements for all city offices to be on the ballot on Nov. 8, including mayor, tax collector, treasurer, city council by district (10), city council at large (5), board of education (3), board of assessment appeal (2) and constable (4). The July 19-26th period has been set as the time frame within which the major political parties make their endorsements.

The DTC through its nominations committee will be gathering candidate information and developing a platform as part of the endorsements for the city election. A nominations report will be prepared for the 51-member DTC ahead of votes to endorse candidates. Democrats interested in municipal office or contributing ideas on municipal priorities and policies are encouraged to participate. Serving on the Nominations Committee are DTC members Lidia Agramonte-Gomez, Rosemary Klotz, Peter Kochol, Richard Marzi and Emma Pierce

For candidate information go to https://newbritaindemocrat.org/2011-endorsements/

March Meeting: 3/24/2011

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