New Britain RTC Chair Prediction: “It should be close”

Quotable Quote

But even as they worked to get voters in Bridgeport out to the polls, Republican officials said they were pleased with their efforts in New Britain. New Britain RTC Chairman Dwight Blint said about 80 percent of registered Republicans in New Britain cast votes today. He estimated Democratic turnout at about 40 percent.

“We’re pretty optimistic,” Blint said.

But, he added, there are about 3,500 Republicans in New Britain and about 11,500 Democrats, so even with the high turnout of Republican voters, the Democrats have likely cast more votes.

Blint said the undecided voters could swing the votes. About 25 percent of unregistered voters in New Britain came out today.

“It should be close,” he said.

—– New Britain Republican Town Chair Dwight Blint as quoted in CT News Junkie Election Night.

For the record, the Democratic slate defeated the Republican slate with 65% or more of the vote across the board. That means that Democrats were joined by significant numbers of Unaffiliateds and even some Republicans in the landslide Democratic win.

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