Help Get Out The Vote Weekend…Check out Harvest Moon Festival…Monday Candidate Night at North Oak NRZ…’We Need All Of You To Fight On…’

Urban Oaks To Hold Harvest Moon Festival Today

A “Harvest Moon Festival” will be held at Urban Oaks Farm, 225 Oak Street, on Saturday, October 23rd, from noon to 8 p.m. to both celebrate and raise awareness of New Britain’s organic farm near the center of the city.
The free event will include a farmers’s market with produce from the farm and other CT farms, entertainment and vendors with food and drink for participants. Tours of the farm will be offered.
Urban Oaks Farm, located at the former Sandelli Florist property, was founded by Mike Kandefer and the late Tony Norris. It has won over fine restaurants and organic food enthusiasts for its heirloom herbs and other organic crops. Neighbors and community leaders have credited the farm as a positive force in the neighborhood through its nonprofit educational program and a stable enterprise against blight.

North Oak NRZ Welcomes Candidate To Monday Forum

Submitted by Richard Marzi, DTC member District 8

It’s Time To Get Out The Vote:

Do you have an hour, afternoon or evening to spare before November 2nd? Help get out the vote in New Britain

Saturday 10 am and Sunday 1 pm canvas/GOTV work. Meet at 81 West Main Street.

James Mlkolowsky (860)874-9598 or Riju Das (860) 306-4104, 81 West Main Street

Lawn Signs, phone bank (M-Th, 5:3o=9), Election Day sign up at Democratic Headquarters, 35 South High Street.
Voter Info: 860 796-4059

Here are five things you can do to help:

1. Make phone calls to get out the vote
2. Do rush hour visibility
3. Put up a lawn sign for Democratic candidates
4. Canvas, distribute literature in your neighborhood
5. Volunteer for Election Day (Poll Standing, Calling, Rides To Polls from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

End Quote

We need all of you to fight on. We need all of you fired up. We need all of you ready to go — because….you have the chance to set the direction of this state and of this country not just for the next two years, but for the next five years, the next 10 years, the next 20 years. And just like you did in 2008, you can defy the conventional wisdom –- the conventional wisdom that says young people are apathetic; the conventional wisdom that says you can’t beat the cynicism in politics; that you can’t overcome the special interests; that all that matters is all the big money and the negative TV ads. You have the chance to say, “Yes, we can.”

President Obama at Los Angeles Campaign Rally, Friday, October 22

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