Malloy, Murphy On Campus 9/28…Young Dems Push Getting Out The Vote…New Britain HQ Opens…

College Dems Bring Malloy and Murphy To New Britain, 9/28
Central CT State University’s College Democrats and CT Young Democrats will welcome Gubernatorial Nominee Dan Malloy and Cong. Chris Murphy (D-5) to CCSU campus Tuesday, Sept. 28, at 11 a.m. The event will provide students and other participants with an opportunity to discuss education issues and other topics important to young people in the 2010 Election.

Organizers are seeking to energize younger voters ahead of the Nov. 2nd election. Attendees will have an opportunity to register to vote if they have not done so. There will be free pizza for new registrants and individuals who sign up to volunteer for the campaign.

Because of the threat of rainy weather, the event has been moved inside the Student Center on the CCSU campus that can be reached via Ella Grasso Boulevard.

Amid rising tuitions in Connecticut at public and private colleges, an issue sure to be mentioned is the success of the Obama administration in reforming how college is paid for and new policies to promote college access. President Obama and the Democratic Congress have recently succeeded in altering the student loan program that featured excessive costs, predatory loan practices and an over-reliance on borrowing to pay for college.

Democrats point out that continued progress depends on a strong voter turnout among young people in the mid-term election. Obama’s priorities on higher education are summarized in this White House statement:

President Obama is committed to ensuring that America will regain its lost ground and have the highest proportion of students graduating from college in the world by 2020. The President believes that regardless of educational path after high school, all Americans should be prepared to enroll in at least one year of higher education or job training to better prepare our workforce for a 21st century economy. To accomplish these overarching goals, the President is committed to increasing higher education access and success by restructuring and dramatically expanding college financial aid, while making federal programs simpler, more reliable, and more efficient for students. The President has proposed a plan to address college completion and strengthen the higher education pipeline to ensure that more students succeed and complete their degree.

“This progress and a continued push for educational access will be lost without a Democratic majority in Congress and election of a Democratic Governor in Connecticut,” said John McNamara, New Britain Democratic Town Chairman. The New Britain DTC is supporting the College Democrats’ forum.

All Democrats, regardless of age, are welcome to attend the event on the CCSU campus. Information

(Photo by Frank Gerratana)

New Britain CT Democratic Party Democratic headquarters is officially open at historic 35 South High Street. On hand Saturday 9/25 were from left: Maria Agramonte Gomez, DTC members Lidia Agramonte Gomez and Elrick George, LG Nominees and State Comptroller Nancy Wyman and volunteer Rick Lebel.

Every weekend until election day volunteers will be canvassing the city to encourage voter turnout on behalf of the Row B slate.

Here are five things you can do to help:

1. Make phone calls to get out the vote
2. Register unregistered voters
3. Put up a lawn sign for Democratic candidates
4. Canvas, distribute literature in your neighborhood
5. Volunteer for Election Day (Poll Standing, Calling, Rides To Polls from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

Information: 860-416-0665 E-mail:

End Quote

“We need to put a college education within reach of every American. That’s the best investment we can make in our future.”

Barack Obama, November 7, 2007

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