NB Dems Meet February 15th; Set March Schedule For Meet The Candidates, New Term

The Democratic Town Committee will hold its final meeting of the current term on Thursday, February 15th, at 7 p.m. at New Britain City Hall.  Democrats interested in being considered as delegates to May nominating conventions may submit their names to the nominating committee.

The new term for the 50-member DTC, composed of members from each voting district,  begins March 6th and an organizing meeting to elect officers will be held Thursday, March 8th, at the Pulaski Club, 89 Grove Street, at 7 p.m.  DTC members are elected under the state Primary law via the petition process. The petition period for DTC seats ended January 31st.

The DTC will host a Meet the Candidate reception for all Democrats seeking endorsement for statewide office this year including Governor and the state constitutional offices on Thursday, March 15th from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The election of delegate slates to conventions for all state offices, U.S. Senate, Congress and Judge of Probate will be held on March 29th at 7 p.m. at New Britain City Hall.

Any Democrat interested in becoming associate member may contact Rosemary Klotz of the nominating committee at rosemaryklotz@gmail.com


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New Britain DTC Backs Congressional Censure of Trump

NEW BRITAIN, CT – A Congressional resolution censuring President Trump over “vulgar” remarks about immigration  last month  was endorsed  by the Democratic Town Committee at its January 18th meeting.

Democratic volunteer and associate member Dan Price, reacting to Trump’s expletives and racially charged comments about Haiti, the Dominican Republic and African nations at a White House meeting, introduced the DTC resolution.  It states “the New Britain Democratic Town Committee hereby decries and condemns the vulgar and divisive speech of the President of the United States on January 11, 2018. We call on the Congress of the United States to support the censure of the President for said speech as proposed by Congressional Democrats.”

Reps. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Cedric Richmond (D-LA) of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) raised the formal resolution in the House Judiciary Committee on January 18th.

The censure resolution by Congressional Democrats  is the second attempt in less than a year to censure Trump for sowing division and condoning xenophobic violence.

Last August a similar statement against racism was introduced in the U.S. House that “censures and condemns President Trump for his inadequate response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, 2017, for his failure to condemn the White supremacist groups responsible for actions of domestic terrorism, for asserting that “both sides” were to blame and excusing the violent behavior of participants in the Unite the Right rally, and for employing people with ties to White supremacist movements in the White House.”

Congressional Republicans, remaining compliant and making excuses for Trump, are likely to continue to block putting the Congress on record as opposing racism and the mean-spirited speech emanating from the White House that encourages violence and division.

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New Britain Democrats Thank Treasurer Nappier For Her Public Service And Trailblazing Political Career

Through five state elections since 1998 State Treasurer Denise Nappier,  the first African-American woman elected to a statewide office in Connecticut. was a frequent visitor to New Britain in her own campaigns and in support of local Democratic candidates in their races.

Denise Nappier With New Britain Democrats |Photos Courtesy of Frank Gerratana

Treasurer Nappier announced this week she will not seek re-election in 2018.  Though she will not be on the ballot this year,  Nappier’s trailblazing political career for women and African-Americans  can be an inspiration to others in the state and nation.

A former City of Hartford Treasurer, Nappier ran an upstart campaign in a tight contest at the 1998 Democratic convention and went on to become the first African-American woman to serve as a state Treasurer in the United States.

Her campaign at the time  was boosted by former State Senator Joseph H. Harper, Jr. and the city’s Black Democratic Club giving her crucial delegates and support against a better financed, establishment candidate.  She defeated  a Republican incumbent who was subsequently convicted for corruption in the handling of state pension funds, trust funds and investments.

Denise Nappier with DTC Member And Former State Party Treasurer Emma Pierce (Gerratana photo)


Restoring and maintaining integrity in the Treasurer’s office is at the top Denise Nappier’s  considerable accomplishments in public service.

Her role in advancing socially responsible investments of the state’s assets made her an influential leader in the nation.  She has consistently worked  for corporate reform on issues such as executive compensation, separating the roles of CEO and Board Chair, independence and diversity of board members, disclosure of financial risks of climate change, and urging companies to refrain from engaging in international business practices that condone human rights violations.



Former Ald. and Black Democratic Club President Shirley Black, Gerri Brown-Springer and Nappier at New Britain Democratic Town Committee event.(Gerratana photo)

Treasurer Nappier Campaigns In New Britain with former Town Chair John McNamara (Gerratana photo)

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New Britain Democrats Wish You A Happy New Year. Think Globally And Act Locally In 2018.

2018 Political Calendar At A Glance

Democratic Town Committee

January 18:  Democratic Town Committee meeting

January 17-31: Petition period for Democratic Town Committee by voting district

January 31 4 p.m. deadline for Town Committee petitions to be filed

March 6: Town Committees Primary date

March 7: Town Committees begin term

March 13:  Deadline for DTC to elect officers (Organizational meeting)


Prior to March 9: State Party Chairman appoints Pre-Convention Rules and Pre-Convention Platform Committees

March 27– April 3: Town Committees select delegates for all conventions

April 4: Delegate certification forms due to Town Clerk

April 13 – April 23: Democratic State Central Committee elections and Permanent Convention Committee elections

State Convention: May 18 – May 19

U.S House of Representatives Conventions: May 14

Multi-Town State House Conventions: May 16 (22nd and 24th State Assembly)

State Senate Conventions: May 21 (6th Senatorial District)

Judge of Probate (multi-town): May 28

Local (Single-Town) Election Endorsements: May 22 – May 29 (includes 25th and 26th State Assembly Districts in New Britain)

August 14: Primary Election Day

November 6: General Election Day  for Governor/Lt Governor, state Treasurer, Comptroller, Attorney General, Secretary of the State, U.S. Senator, U.S. Congress, State Senator, State Representative and Judge of Probate.

For more information: 860-505-8901   Email newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com




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Merry Christmas from New Britain Democrats



For all celebrating Christmas New Britain Democrats extend good tidings and our wishes for peace, an end to violence and social justice throughout the world.

Email: newbritaindemocrat@gmail.com

Facebook: @NewBritainDemocrat      Twitter: @NBDemocrat

New Britain Democrats

Think Globally. Act Locally.





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New Britain’s Bond Rating Drops From Stable To Negative: Huge Spike In Debt Through 2021 Cited By Moody’s — NB Politicus

Republican incumbent Mayor Erin Stewart, in her re-election campaign this year and throughout her second term, has touted improving municipal bond ratings for New Britain’s fiscal solvency, claiming credit for budget surpluses of $15 million and pushing spending up at City Hall with no need for an election year tax increase. Fiscal […]

via New Britain’s Bond Rating Drops From Stable To Negative: Huge Spike In Debt Through 2021 Cited By Moody’s — NB Politicus

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The Democratic Slate: Veronica DeLandro, Molly McGuire Seek Ward One Council Seats

Veronica T. DeLandro and Molly McGuire, the Democratic candidates for Ward 1 Common Council in the November 7th city election, are stressing their concerns about the quality of education and protecting the city’s watershed as they campaign in the district that includes three polling places — Slade, Vance and the VFW Hall (replacing New Britain High School this year).

Veronica T. DeLandr

The Ward 1 candidates are part of Mayoral Nominee Merrill Gay’s slate and are among six Democratic women running for seats on the 15-member Common Council.
DeLandro brings extensive community service and nonprofit management experience to her run for council as a past President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Hartford Chapter, an NAACP member and as a youth and family services commissioner under the administration of Mayor Timothy Stewart. Professionally, she has served as executive director of two nonprofits, the College Summit, Inc. and the Aurora Women and Girls Foundation Inc. DeLandro holds a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Connecticut and earned her B.A. from Hampton University.

“As a Ward 1 resident there are several issues that concern me; increase in taxes, local government spending, expansion of Tilcon and New Britain’s water supply.” Said DeLandro. “I am opposed to the expansion Tilcon mining running into the city’s watershed and feel we must everything we can to protect and defend New Britain’s water resources. I’m running for office to improve the lines of communication between residents and the city. I feel it’s important that all residents in Ward 1 are informed, engaged, and aware of the issues that directly impact them.”

Molly McGuire


McGuire, a 2016 graduate of Central Connecticut State University, works at CCSU’s art department and is part of the team that curates art shows and exhibits on the campus. She is an associate in the Visitor Experience department at the New Britain Museum of American Art.

Seeking elective office for the first time, McGuire says “the issues important to my candidacy are protecting the environment in whatever ways we can, making sure we have quality education in the public schools, and developing New Britain in a responsible way that respects the cultures and people who live in the city.”


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